Norsk Politi Institutt for Cybercrime Virus

What is Norsk Politi Institutt for Cybercrime Virus? ransomware research team warns that those living in Norway and using Windows operating systems are at risk of having PCs infected with the Norsk Politi Institutt for Cybercrime Virus. The infection is not as secretive as surreptitious Trojans, because it does have an interface, which is positioned as the most important attribute of the entire scam. Even though schemers do not have many tasks that start with secretive virus’ integration and finishes at successfully generated profit, all of them are highly complicated and require strong knowledge and technical skills. This allows us to state that the infection has been developed by professional schemers and that you need to delete Norsk Politi Institutt for Cybercrime Virus before irretrievable mischief is caused.

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You may not know when exactly Norsk Politi Institutt for Cybercrime Virus enters your computer and whether it is done via spam email attachments, bundled downloads or other channels. Nonetheless, you will realize that the infection has invaded once your computer’s screen will be overtaken by this message:

Datamaskinen har blitt låst!
Datamaskinen din er midlertidg last på grunn av uautorisert datavirksomliet.
Det er mulige brudd du har begått:
Art. 274 – Opphavsrettsbudd […]
Art. 183 – Pornografisk produksjon […]
Art. 104 – Popularisring av terrorisme […]

Whether the stated accusations actually coincide with your activity or not, you should not believe that this computer blocking warning is authentic or has been sent to you by the Norsk Politi Institutt for Cybercrime. If you allow schemers to get into your head and scare you into paying the fake fine, it is most likely that your will lose your money and your PC will remain locked. Moreover, with time passing by, schemers could ensure that your operating Windows system is infected with more malicious infections, capable of stealing personal data or using your email accounts to propagate the virus into other systems.

Since manual Norsk Politi Institutt for Cybercrime Virus removal is not something even experienced Windows users should precede with, implementing automatic removal software to delete infections is highly recommended. Those running Windows 7 or Vista will need to reboot into Safe Mode with Networking and install SpyHunter, a reliable automatic virus removal application; however, Windows XP users will need to unlock their PCs first. Please continue with the detailed instructions below.

Windows 7:

  1. Reboot the PC into Safe Mode with Networking, which you can achieve by pressing F8 upon restarting the computer.
  2. Using arrow keys choose Safe Mode with Networking.
  3. Go to and install SpyHunter onto the computer.

For Windows XP:

  1. Follow steps 1-2.
  2. Click on Start  nad chose Run (left side of the Task Bar).
  3. Enter “msconfig” and press OK. System Configuration Utility will show up.
  4. Click on the Startup tab.
  5. Uncheck all listed items and click Apply.
  6. Go to and save SpyHunter’s installation files.
  7. Restart the computer normally and install SpyHunter.
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