Neutrino Exploit Kit

What is Neutrino Exploit Kit?

Neutrino Exploit Kit is a piece of malware which attempts to exploit system vulnerabilities in order to corrupt the infected computer. The malware is widely distributed on various online forums, and as regards the detected of the threat, it is known to be dubbed as JAVA_EXPLOYT.NE; moreover, it exploits vulnerabilities CVE-2013-0431 and 2013-1723. Neutrino Exploit Kit is also known to be used for spreading ransomware Trojans; more precisely, it has been determined that the threat belongs to the Urausy malware family, so if the computer is no longer inoperable, take immediate actions to remove it.

How does Neutrino Exploit Kit work?

Neutrino Exploit Kit gets into to the system disguised as a Skype file and may be used for stealing different types of date. It is aimed at exploiting security flaws of Oracle’s Java version, 7 update. The malware is installed without the user’s agreement, and once it is done, a malware binary is installed. It enables remote attackers to gain access to the system and compromise the computer according to their plans.

The ransomware renames the malicious file skype.dat and it is located in the folder alongside a configuration file skype.ini. It is important to note that the malicious file has nothing to do with the original application that is used for Voice over IP communication.

How to remove Neutrino Exploit Kit?

If a reliable spyware removal tool is running in the computer and you are informed that it has been suspended, it is likely that it will be removed. However, if you are regularly informed about its presence or suspect that the malicious file has been downloaded, do not wait and implement SpyHunter which will remove the infection. The reason why you should not delay the installation of our recommended tool is that it can connect to remote servers and download ransomware which is a highly dangerous computer infection demanding that the users pay money. Click the button given below and download a scanner which will provide search results soon after you have launched a system scan.

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