Nederlands Politie Virus - Buma Stemra

What is Nederlands Politie Virus - Buma Stemra?

Ukash Virus has a lot of versions that are created to target computers operating in multiple languages. Ukash Virus turns into Nederlands Politie Virus (Buma Stemra Virus) when it infects a system that has a Dutch IP address. However, since IP address is not always determined by a location; don’t consider yourself safe from Nederlands Politie Virus if you do not live in the Netherlands. If you use a Dutch proxy, you might also be in danger of getting infected with Nederlands Politie Virus.

The creators of this ransomware are very resourceful, because they have developed Ukash Virus versions for Canada, Germany, Spain, Sweden, Italy and other countries. Yet, no matter how different they might look, they all have the same functions. So Nederlands Politie Virus is practically the same as FBI Moneypak, save for the fact that is “speaks” Dutch and requires a €100 fine if the user wants his desktop unlocked:

Om blokkering van Uw PC op te heffen, moet 100 euro geldboete betalen! Did bedrag moet binnen 24 uur vanaf de aanvang van blokkering betaald worden! Bij verzuim deze geldboete te betalen zullen alle gegevens van Uw PC gewist worden!

It is true that Nederlands Politie Virus looks dangerous. It also tries to pass for a legitimate message from the Dutch police authorities, claiming that the user has violated the law while browsing the Internet. However, no authorities would use such a meager tool to collect a fine. Also, Nederlands Politie Virus is a flashy infection that appears to be terrifying, while in fact it is not that dangerous at all.test

Naturally, you cannot allow Nederlands Politie Virus to stay in your computer, because you will not be able to operate it. No computer security program can remove a malware application while the desktop is blocked, so you will have to do the following to make Nederlands Politie Virus disappear from your desktop:

1) Restart your computer and press F8 while the system loads.
2) When System Boot menu appears, use arrow keys to navigate and choose Safe Mode with Networking.
3) When the mode loads, open Start Menu and type “msconfig” into the search box. Press Enter.
4) System Configuration window will appear. Click on the Startup menu and un-check all the programs in the list. Click OK.
5) Launch the Internet browser and download a computer security program you will remove Nederlands Politie Virus with.
6) Restart your computer in a Normal mode, install the program and terminate Nederlands Politie Virus for good.

Were you to encounter any difficulties while removing Nederlands Politie Virus from your system, do not hesitate to leave a comment.
Ukash Virus has a lot of versions that are created to target computers operating in multiple languages.

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