What is MPlayerX?

MPlayerX is a media player that is said to function properly without any additional codec. This player is compatible with Mac OS and does not work on Windows OS. Some Mac OS users who have MPlayerX on their machines complain that this player displays a lot of annoying advertisements. Our security researchers agree that MPlayerX can be classified as an adware program. Hence, if you are interested in keeping your computer safe and clean, we recommend removing MPlayerX immediately. Please scroll down to the bottom of this article for manual removal instructions.

Where does MPlayerX come from?

You can quickly download the program at The website makes it seem as though this player has been created by a non-profit organization, since the application does not cost a thing. However, nothing comes free these days, and there is a reason you do not need to pay for MPlayerX: This application supports third-party advertisements. Third-party commercial advertisements can inadvertently expose computer users to malicious content.

What is more, it is highly probable that you have installed MPlayerX onto your machine without even realizing it. The application might have arrived bundled with similar freeware applications, which just proves that you should scan your computer with a licensed antispyware tool and remove all the potential threats at once.

What does MPlayerX do?

According to the official website, MPlayerX is “armed by FFmpeg and Mplayer, which means it could handle any media format in the world without extra plug-ins or codec packages.” It also says that MPlayerX supports a great number of languages and is extra user-friendly.

Unfortunately, user complaints worldwide and various antispyware scans say otherwise. MPlayerX clearly displays commercial advertisements that do not allow the affected users to browse the Internet properly or operate their machines the way they are used to. It is clear that you should remove MPlayerX from your computer in order to restore the previous order.

How do I remove MPlayerX?

Since this program does not enter your computer surreptitiously, it is not a malicious infection. Consequently, this means that you can remove MPlayerX manually. You can find manual removal instructions below, but, if you encounter any difficulties while trying to delete MPlayerX from your computer, do not hesitate to leave us a comment.

As mentioned above, MPlayerX may not be a direct security threat, but, if the program has annoying features that do not allow you to work with your computer properly, it has to be terminated. What is more, make sure you exercise safe web browsing habits and keep your system safe from any potential threats. MPlayerX could be just the first step towards a complete operating system meltdown, so you need to make sure you do not let it go any further.

Manual MPlayerX Removal

  1. Log in to your computer with administrator rights.
  2. Open the Applications folder and locate MPlayerX’s icon.
  3. Move MPlayerX’s icon to the Trash.
  4. Right-click the Trash icon and select Empty Trash.

If you think that there might still be some MPlayerX-related files lingering in your system, try using a third-party uninstaller. 100% FREE spyware scan and
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