Microsoft Security Essentials Alert Virus

What is Microsoft Security Essentials Alert Virus?

Since Microsoft’s name is highly reliable and authoritative, there is no surprise that schemers have decided to use Microsoft Security Essentials Alert name for their newest virus. The devious infection is a ransomware and can slither into your computer through a ton of surreptitious infiltration channels, and after this it is programmed to present a fictitious security notification, which will be removed from your screen only when you delete Microsoft Security Essentials Alert virus from the PC. AntiSpyware101 support team urges you to view the fake alerts below and note them for the future reference of malware identification purposes:

Microsoft Security Essentials Alert
Your system has been blocked for security reason.
Microsoft Security Essentials detected potential threats! Your system has reached the critical security level, because of visiting sites with infected and pornographic contents. Its further use may lead to the system collapse and complete loss of information. To restore Your Windows system performance, you need to download and install an additional module of the dynamic proactive protection. This module is an optional paid update for especially infected Windows systems. It eliminates the causes of system slowdown, associated with the presence of difficult-found malicious software, prevents the system crash and stabilize its operation.

It will be impossible not to pay attention to this ridiculous alert, because your system will be blocked and there will be no way for you to access regular Windows tools, which could help you understand and remove Microsoft Security Essentials Alert virus. It is clear that the reason behind this lock-down is to force you into purchasing the bogus “additional module of the dynamic proactive protection”. There is no question whether a program update like this even exists, as this is simply a scam to make you think that you are investing your money into something vitally essential to your operating Windows system and your personal data’s security.test

Have no doubt that the only malware entrenching upon your personal security is Microsoft Security Essentials Alert virus, which means that the quicker you delete it from your PC, the quicker you will be able to go back to the regular running of the Windows. Also, do not think that it will be impossible to remove Microsoft Security Essentials Alert virus because of the existing “lock-down”, as there is one trick you could use to start necessary removal processes.

1. Restart your computer.
2. Press F8 until a white on black menu appears.
3. Select Safe Mode with Networking
4. Launch your browser and enter to access SpyHunter’s installation page.
5. Run the program and let it automatically remove the virus.

SpyHunter is a reliable security tools which will guard you system effectively for as long as you keep it updated. This automatic malware removal tool will especially assist those Windows users who have not deleted viruses before, and who should not venture into the difficult tasks of manual removal.

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