What is Malware.QVM06.Gen?

Malware.QVM06.Gen is a detection used by a number of computer security applications. Qihoo 360 Antivirus uses this detection to categorize generic malware infections. Malware.QVM06.Gen is not a malicious computer infection itself. It is very likely that any program identified as Malware.QVM06.Gen is more of a potentially unwanted application. However, if you see such detection on your computer’s screen, you should seriously consider scanning your system with a licensed antispyware tool, in order to make sure that your system is safe.

What could be Malware.QVM06.Gen?

Our computer security research team has performed a full-fledge analysis on Malware.QVM06.Gen. It seems that this detection is mostly used for executable files that come bundled together in packs. Since adware and potentially unwanted freeware applications often come bundled, it is only natural that some downloaders and installers are detected as Malware.QVM06.Gen.

The most common downloaders that are detected as potential malware threats include InstallBrain, Multiplug and InstallCore. Once again, it should be pointed out that these downloaders are not direct computer security threats, and you should be able to choose whether you want a particular program installed on your PC or not.

What does Malware.QVM06.Gen detection mean?

The presence of such malware detection may point out to potentially unwanted programs currently installed on your computer. It could be a browser toolbar, extension or some freeware application which you have accidentally installed on your PC. The best way to figure out whether you have unwanted programs on your computer or not is to run a full system scan with SpyHunter free scanner.

It is easy to remove some programs via Control Panel, especially if they come with an entry in the list of installed programs. However, not every single program can be removed like that. In some cases, you will have to delete extensions directly via your browser settings, and reset your browser settings to default to override some effects completely.

What is more, even if the program has an uninstall function; there is a high chance that some setup files will remain on your computer after the removal. It is also very likely that some of the registry entries created by a particular program will not be removed as well.

Therefore, to terminate all the traces of potentially unwanted program you need to invest in a powerful computer security application that will help you detect all the remaining files and registry entries. Delete any potential threats automatically and make sure that will no longer see Malware.QVM06.Gen or any other similar detection on your screen.

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