What is Malware.Packer?

Malware.Packer is a treacherous computer infection which seems to be installed alongside some other threats. If your anti-virus has detected Malware.Packer, some other computer infections may be present within the system, too. In order to remove the threat in questions, you should use a reliable spyware removal tool which will also protect the PC against future computer infections.

What does Malware.Packer do?

Malware.Packer runs several undesirable processes and uses unnecessary resources. For example, one of the files whose process you should find in the Task Manager is privacyeraser.exe. If it is located in the Windows or System32 folder, you should remove from the PC as the original file should be located in the Program Files folder. You should also find tmp4D.tmp.exe and iemultjx.exe running in the background.

Malware.Packer should be removed from the PC as soon as it is detected as the threat can drop new, harmful files, connect to remote attackers and steal sensitive information. For example, it may record you key strokes or make screenshots and send the information to remote attackers. Moreover, you may find that some unknown or suspicious files are running in the Task Manager which may be related to Malware.Packer. Slow PC performance or a high CPU usage may also signal the presence of malware.

How to remove Malware.Packer?

As Malware.Packer may initiate the download of different files, it is advisable to install a spyware removal tool so that all those malicious components of the infection are removed. Do not try to delete the threat manually if you do not know how to do it. Install SpyHunter, which will examine the system and remove all the undesirable files that are present on the PC. Moreover, it will fight various computer infections off, so do not wait until it is too late and take appropriate actions.

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