What is LuckyBrowse?

At the first sight, LuckyBrowse may look like a useful tool. The application says that you will get the most exciting stuff that is available on the Internet. However, we have heard similar promises many times before. We became suspicious of this program, and we were right, as it is only an adware application that brings no benefits to you. Moreover, by reading this article, you will learn that keeping the program on your system could even be unsafe.testtest

Where does LuckyBrowse come from?

Adware programs often come to your computer even without your knowledge. Most likely this happened in your case as well. The research team that is working at has found that there is no download button at the website that seems to be an official page promoting this adware program. So, LuckyBrowse found a way to your computer when it came bundled with other software you have recently downloaded from the Internet. Probably you were not sufficiently attentive while going through the installation wizard and allowed not only LuckyBrowse, but a bunch of other programs to enter your system.

What does LuckyBrowse do?

The adware program acts in a quite annoying way. It shows you numerous ads each time you surf the Internet. You will soon find that it is almost impossible to browse the way you used to do before. Probably you will spend most of the time just closing ads generated by LuckyBrowse. Besides, you will have to be careful and not open any advertisement. Sometimes, opening them will cause no harm, but some ads are coming with redirect links, and you will find yourself on third-party websites. It could be that LuckyBrowse just generates traffic to those sites to increase their advertising value. But we are not sure about the intentions of the people standing behind those sites. And those intentions could be of malicious character. For example, the websites could be created to steal your personal credentials. It could be done in a various ways: The websites could look like online stores offering you the best deals, or they may look identical to the webpages of your financial institutions. There are many ways how cyber criminals try to trick you into entering your private data. Please keep in mind that LuckyBrowse bears no liability for any consequences that may occur after the use of this program. So, you should waste no time and remove the application to prevent any possible damage.

LuckyBrowse removal

Usually, it is enough to remove the adware application via Control Panel. However, LuckyBrowse acts in a bit different way that a usual adware program does. It does not add any extension to your browser and works through the LuckyBrowse.exe*32 service. It is not enough to remove the task that is launched by the program and is running on your computer. In order to get rid of this program, you will have to delete the folder it has created. Follow our guide and learn how to do it. Or you can use a legitimate antivirus program that will remove not only this adware application but other unwanted intruders as well.

How to remove LuckyBrowse

  1. Click on the Windows icon.
  2. Click on Computer or This PC.
  3. Open Local Disk (C:) and then Program Files (x86).
  4. Delete the LuckyBrowse folder.
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