Live Security Platinum

What is Live Security Platinum?

The cyber criminals who made Live Security Platinum do not put their cards on the table as they seek to rob you and lure you into disclosing your banking data, because Live Security Platinum is a counterfeit application which should not be trusted, as was with older application Security Shield. Cyber criminals wait until you expose your passwords, account and CCV number which will be used to steal your money. Do not make any purchase but delete Live Security Platinum from your computer at once.

Warning, this parasite will block your Internet connection. Click here for instructions how to renew your Internet access.

You might find Live Security Platinum in your system after an infection of a Trojan or installation made by yourself and the Trojan gets into the system through a bundled email, video codec or a different application. Moreover, an appealing website promoting a trial security program could be the source of all your problems, because you might find the place from which Live Security Platinum might be downloaded.

Live Security Platinum Screenshots:

testtesttesttesttest 100% FREE spyware scan and
tested removal of Live Security Platinum*

As soon as it is in the system, it does not leave you alone. Live Security Platinum displays fake alarm balloons saying that you should follow the instructions to ensure the system’s security. More importantly, it supposedly scans the system and presents an imaginary list of threats which are said to be dangerous. The content of all of the fake notifications is created to make you think that you should acquire a bogus full version of Live Security Platinum which will delete those “threats”. Do not waste money on Live Security Platinum, but remove it from the system if you know how to do it.

Removal of rogue is not that simple as you might think. Manual removal means that you have to find and get rid of all the components of Live Security Platinum in order to prevent the regeneration of the pest. This operation should be performed by a skillful technician, and if you do not know where to find one, delete Live Security Platinum automatically. You will need to get a legitimate antispyware tool which will effectively remove Live Security Platinum from your computer.


Live Security Platinum is a malicious application which only pretends to be reliable. This malware is also a clone Smart Fortress 2012 and Smart Protection 2012. You should delete this bogus application, because it simulates everything related to the system’s security.

You should not pay attention the notifications presented by the rogue. For example, you will find that this application cannot remove infections. The infections are supposedly removed only after the activation of Live Secure Platinum. Please find how the rogue puts it:

Application cannot be executed. The file rdpclip.exe is infected. Please active your antivirus software.

Antivirus protection is disabled. Your PC is unguarded against most known viruses and can be infected. Click “Enable Antivirus Protection” to protect your PC and secure your Internet activity.

Security Monitor: WARNING!
Attention! System detected a potential hazard (TrojanSPM/LX) on your computer that may infect executable files. Your private information and PC safety is at risk.
To get rid of unwanted spyware and keep your computer safe you need to update your current security software.
Click Yes to download official intrusion detection system (IDS software).

In addition to the deception of Live Security Platinum, the rogue may limit your access to the Internet or disable certain executable files. The malware hides Task Manager and Registry Editor so that you cannot view the processes and reach the entries created in Registry Editor.

You do not have to purchase the rogue, because the only infection which has to be removed is Live Security Platinum itself.
Disk Antivirus Professional is the newest clone of the vicious Live Security Platinum. The infection has been developed by the same cyber criminals who released other WinWebSec family rogue anti-spyware tools. The newest version of the infection is identical to its predecessors, starting with the misleading interface or intimidating warnings and ending with the same system dysfunctions. To deceive oblivious Windows users, the rogue uses the same System Scanner utility which lists such falsely presented infections as Worm.Bagle.CP, Win32.PerFiler or Trojan-Downloader.VBS.Small.dc. If you click on the “Remove” button, you are forwarded to the rogue’s purchase page. Please ignore the recommendations to spend your money on the supposedly discounted Lifetime Software License. Researchers at warn that your payment ($89.95) and shared personal details go straight into the hands of schemers. Therefore, if you do not want to expose your identity – you need to delete Disk Antivirus Professional immediately.

A) Automatic Live Security Platinum Removal

Automatic removal is the best way to delete the rogue.  To remove the malware automatically, use a legitimate antspyware tool which will also protect the system.

1) Download a removal tool on the computer and install it so that it can detect and remove the infection.

2) You can download the same antispyware tool on to a spare computer, and then transfer the application on to the infected computer. Install the sofware and start the scan of the system.

Live Security Platinum Removal Video

100% FREE spyware scan and
tested removal of Live Security Platinum*

B) Automatic Live Security Platinum Removal

Live Security Platinum can be disabled before the removal if you register it with this key:


After the registration, the rogue should stop being annoying, which means that it stops displaying messages and scanning the system. Plus, your Internet parameters should return into normal.

If you cannot use your Internet browser to download a removal tool, please, find the instructions on how to download SpyHunter which will detect and remove Live Security Platinum.

1) Open your Start menu and select Run.

2) Enter and click OK.

3) The malware will not allow you to enter the page, but you should pay no attention to it and select the “Ignore warnings and visit that site in the current state (not recommended).” Option.

4) Then click Save, select SpyHunter-Installer.exe and save it on your computer.

5) Launch SpyHunter-Installer.exe and wait until it is installed. Open SpyHunter and select “Scan Computer Now!”

Manual Live Security Platinum Removal

If you are not afraid of technical challenges, you can try to delete the rogue on your own. Note that if you do not perform the removal thoroughly, the rogue is not deleted, and the system is still infected. As it depends on you how you want to terminate the infection, we provide you with instructions on manual removal of the rogue.

1) Terminate these processes:
2) The rogue creates new registry entries which have to be deleted. Therefore, open Registry Editor and remove the following entries:
3) Finish the removal of the malware by deleting these files:

  1. Nice Bait and Switch

    Love how you direct people to the link for that "SpyHunter Scanner" and then at the very bottom of the page include the "*" about your product only detecting and not removing the threats unless, of course you fork over the cash for the full version. There are dozens of very good FREE softwares out there for folks to use to get rid of this malware. If you ask me, YOU sir, are just as bad as the people who wrote this malware, if you're not actually the author yourself.

    • Dear Sir,

      We understand your concerns; however, we can assure you that nowadays not many respectable companies will offer free products. Of course, some of them are in deed free, but they are a lot less effective, and are not likely to hold information on newest rogues and other computer infections, or offer strong helpdesk features. SpyHunter, on the other hand, can support its users with a remarkable helpdesk. Additionally, we have to disagree with your proclamation that our product is as treacherous as the dangerous computer threats. We can guarantee you that we do not support the vicious malware industry, and we work hard to ensure that all Windows systems are protected against rogue antispyware tools. Moreover, we do not force our customers to do anything, and after a free scan you can either choose our malware removal application, or you can note the malicious infections and remove them manually. For your convenience, we even present manual removal instructions, which require time, dedication and hard work. Without a question, we work to help you, and we hope that you understand our position, and our high expectations to reduce malware incidence with the highest quality product.

  2. Hey Max
    A huge thanks for this article post. It helped me to remove this virus manually!

  3. Max, YOU ARE MY HERO!! My parents just got me a new laptop and Live Security Platinum poped up out of no where and wouldn't let me do anything. I was freaking out and then I did what you said in this article and my laptop is now working correctly. THANK YOU SOOOOOOOOO MUCH!!!

  4. so you can download the spyware scan tool but to have it removed you have to pay?

  5. I\'ll tell you how \"Live SEcurity Platinum\" entered my computer. A message popped up telling me an update was available for Adobe flash player. It even tells you it comes from the actual publisher. Of course its a bogus pop-up message. I clicked ok, and the \"Live Security Platinum\" virus installed. It holds a lot of your computer applications hostage. ....A system restore usually fixes the problem, but this malware prevents a proper system restore. Attempts to delete the virus in normal mode failed. Finally, after an hour of attempting to delete it, it was finally deleted. I started my computer in safe-mode; then I went to \"computer,\" then I clicked on \"program files.\" then I deleted the malware file. then I emptied the trash. Then I restarted my computer. All the applications that were held hostage, were working again. \"Live Security platinum\" was gone from my computer. Bottomline, REFUSE all pop-up messages asking you to update. If you want applications to be updated, click yes in the applications for the computer to check for updates. The pathway for updates should be from your computer to the actual software publishers. The pathway for updates cannot be pop-up messages from the internet to your computer: thats how malware disguises itself.

  6. Viele Grüße Max,

    Thank you for all your info. And though some people are complaining about having to pay for the actual removal of the malware after using the free detection, I suppose these same people complain when their car breaks down and after figuring out what is wrong with the car (for free), the mechanic actually wants to be paid to fix the problem!

    I am attempting to fix my computer now using MBAM and we\'ll see how it goes. I THOUGHT I had it fixed last night but the malware reappeared this morning when I ran another MBAM scan - so maybe I will have to use your product (the product you recommend).

    By the way, Marc S on July 16, 2012 wrote that he got this infection from attempting to update his Adobe Flash Player from what was really a bogus pop-up message. THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT HAPPENED TO ME YESTERDAY!!! Everybody should turn off the automatic notifications and just manually check for updates from the software itself.


    John in Chicago

    P.S. I lived in Germany for six years - I played trumpet for the Musical \"Cats\" in Hamburg and then for Disney\'s \"Der Glöckner von Notre Dame\" (Hunchback) in Berlin. I loved my time in your country.

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