What is IPD.Program.d1b0a5c0?

IPD.Program.d1b0a5c0 is a malicious computer infection which you should remove from the computer as soon as you find out that it is present on your PC. IPD.Program.d1b0a5c0 is categorized as a Trojan horse because it is installed onto the PC without the user’s permission. A computer infected by IPD.Program.d1b0a5c0 is not as fast as usual because the so-called Trojan horse consumes the resources of the computer to generate an electronic currency called Bitcoins. Bitcoin mining is a popular type of currency which can be generated by any computer by connecting the machine to a mining network. The “coins” acquired should be stored in electronic wallets so that they cannot be stolen by cyber criminals.

In order to start bitcoin mining, a computer user has to install a specific program. IPD.Program.d1b0a5c0 is  an illegal bitcoin mining program which generates bitcoins for remote attackers.

How does IPD.Program.d1b0a5c0 work?

The malicious bitcoin miner can crate various files. For example, it may create files in C:\Windows\Temp\svchost.exe, %APPDATA%\SearchIndexer\SearchIndexer.exe , C:\Program Files\Supercopier\miner. After installation, IPD.Program.d1b0a5c0 starts running every time you log on to the system. Bitcoin mining requires computer resources to solve a complex mathematical problem, or algorithm, leading to slow PC speed and other system performance-related issues. If you do not own a powerful spyware and malware prevention tool, you may not be aware about the presence of IPD.Program.d1b0a5c0 because this malicious application has no user interface.

IPD.Program.d1b0a5c0 can be detected by computer security programs; however, not all of them can remove the Trojan horse from the PC.

It is crucial to keep a computer protected against malware and spyware because IPD.Program.d1b0a5c0 may be distributed along with free applications. Malicious bitcoin miners can arrive at your PC via social media and other platforms. For example, one of the malware programs aimed at creating a Bitcoin network was spread using Yahoo’s ad server. The malware program exploited Java’s vulnerabilies in order to install itself on a computer after it accessed the ads.yahoo.com website. Another example is BadLepricon, a malware program detected in a Google app. Cryptocurrency mining applications can be located on numerous websites; hence, you should be careful when dealing with unknown or non-reviewed applications so that you do not have to suffer from adverse consequences.

How to remove IPD.Program.d1b0a5c0?

If you use a computer not a daily basis for simple task and have no working knowledge of how a piece of malware should be eliminated from a computer, you should implement SpyHunter. This application can remove IPD.Program.d1b0a5c0 for you and also shield the system from various computer threats so that you can safely browse the Internet. 100% FREE spyware scan and
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