Intelinet Smart Security 3.1.0

What is Intelinet Smart Security 3.1.0?

Purge Intelinet Smart Security 3.1.0 from your computer immediately, because this malicious application brings nothing but bad news. It is a so-called rogue antispyware that can trick users into believing it is a genuine computer safeguard program. Needless to say, that Intelinet Smart Security 3.1.0 is nothing like that, and it will steal your money once you give the chance to. That is why you need to keep your credit card information for yourself and don’t even think of purchasing this program, because it is an absolutely worthless piece of software.

Intelinet Smart Security 3.1.0 arrives at your doorstep via fake online malware scanners or through social networking websites. Either way, you need to be very careful when you click on unfamiliar links, because it is very likely that you will be directed to the Intelinet Smart Security 3.1.0 - related website, or initiate the download of the rogue automatically.

Once Intelinet Smart Security 3.1.0 is there, it performs a fake system scan, and then gives you a list of numerous Trojans and other types of malware that are supposedly infecting your computer. Do not believe in this. The list is made to push you into purchase the full version of Intelinet Smart Security 3.1.0. Instead of that, remove this rogue from your system with a reliable security program, and make sure that this kind of infection never trespasses your computer’s doorstep ever again. Take your system security seriously.

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