Innoapp Ads

What is Innoapp Ads?

Innoapp Ads are commercial advertisements displayed by Innoapp adware application. It is important not to confuse it with InnoApp – Innovative Applications. It is a trademark of a company that offers health plan employer data and information measurements, and their main home page can be accessed at Innoapp Ads themselves are part of another group of freeware applications that raise various security concerns. Therefore, if you want to keep your computer safe, you ought to remove Innoapp Ads. It is also very likely that your computer is full of other potentially unwanted applications, so please consider running a full system scan with a licensed antimalware tool.

Where do Innoapp Ads come from?

Technically, freeware applications should be available at their official home pages. The adware app that distributes Innoapp Ads has an official website at However, the problem is that the direct download link at the website is not working. It is not surprising, actually, because the same tactics is employed by a vast number of other adware applications from SuperWeb family – Rock Turner Ads, Cling Clang, Ttessab and many more.

Thus, if you are wondering where Innoapp Ads come from, check whether you have recently installed any freeware applications on your computer. Such adware programs as Innoapp are often bundled with other freeware or adware applications that are available for download on multiple third party file hosting websites. For example, Innoapp Ads are known to be distributed with Linkular download manager.

What do Innoapp Ads do?

The main objective of Innoapp Ads is to provide you with relevant commercial ads that are related to your frequent web searches. The application is able to do that, because it tracks your web browsing activity. Thus, do not be surprised when you confront pop-up ads whenever you access online shopping websites, such as Expedia, Amazon, Walmart and many others.

Each time you click an ad, you may be generating financial profit to the creators of Innoapp Ads. The application’s Privacy Policy claims that the ads may be embedded with third party content. Innoapp Ads do not review the third party content, and it means that third parties could embed even corrupted links into the pop-ups.

By clicking on a corrupted link you may land on a suspicious website. You may be asked to fill out an online marketing survey or even worse – get infected with malware. That is not a definite outcome, but you need to consider such possibility as well.

How to remove Innoapp Ads?

Since this application is related to certain computer security problems, you need to remove Innoapp Ads entirely. The app has an entry in the list of installed programs on Control Panel. It means that you can uninstall it manually. However, there will be more potentially unwanted programs on your PC. To determine them, scan the PC with SpyHunter free scanner and then invest in a reliable antimalware tool if need be.

Uninstall Innoapp Ads

Windows 8

  1. Slide mouse cursor to the bottom right of your desktop.
  2. Wait for Charm bar to appear and then click Settings.
  3. Go to Control Panel and click Uninstall a program.
  4. Highlight Innoapp and click Uninstall.

Windows Vista & Windows 7

  1. Open Start menu and click Control Panel.
  2. Go to Uninstall a program and remove Innoapp.

Windows XP

  1. Click Start menu button and go to Settings.
  2. Open Control Panel and access Add or remove programs.
  3. Uninstall Innoapp.

Should you have any questions on how to remove Innoapp Ads from your computer and ensure system stability, do not hesitate to leave us a comment in the box below.

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