Illusion Mailer

What is Illusion Mailer?

Illusion Mailer is a backdoor Trojan which should be removed from the PC once your Windows Firewall or anti-virus program informs you about unauthorized attempts to get access to the PC. The Trojan is also referred to as Illusion, and it is known to get to the machine via emails and online instant messages. When it gets to the system, it can send emails on your behalf. It is highly advisable to ignore e-mails from unknown sender, but if a friend of yours receives a message from you, he/she is likely to open the e-mail and execute the threat. If you are aware of the presence of Illusion Mailer on the computer, you should immediately remove it from the PC.

How does Illusion Mailer operate?

The malware installs a server component on the infected computer, and this action enables remote attackers to take control over the machine. It has been revealed that after the installation of the undesirable component, the malware attempts to access port 5512 or port 2155.

In the hands of cyber criminals, the victimized computer becomes part of a botnet, which can be used for launching DDoS attacks. You may find that the speed of the computer has decreased; as a result, you cannot use various computer applications properly or even browse the internet due to slow internet connection.

If you suspect that Illusion Mailer or some different computer infection has accessed the system, you should scan the PC for malware and take appropriate measure if necessary.

How to remove Illusion Mailer?

Once you realize that Illusion Mailer is trying to access the PC, install SpyHunter so that protects the system against computer infections. If you do not have any reliable spyware removal tool, our recommended software is all that you need. Click the button below and download its scanner which will examine the system and provide you with the scan results so that you can take appropriate measures afterwards.

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