What is HTML/ScrInject.B?

If you are worried about HTML/ScrInject.B, it suggests that your ESET NOD32 has identified some malicious file that could be infected with a malicious code. However, it is important to note that very often malware detection tools provide false positives, which suggests that there is no actual danger on the particular website. If you are warned about HTML/ScrInject.B, it means that a malicious Javascript code is inserted between the head and body elements of an html file so that the malicious Javascript is executed when the computer users accesses the corrupted website. HTML/ScrInject.B can be injected to the html files of the websites that have some vulnerabilities. Very often, HTML attacks are carried out on forums and guestbooks. Most of the time malicious content is injected into legitimate websites, and you can access a hacked website at any time.

How should you deal with HTML/ScrInject.B?

Malicious Javascript codes injected to an html file may cause a lot of trouble to you and the webmasters of hacked websites. For example, HTML/ScrInject.B may be used to provide you with malware from some other websites, which may lead to dramatic results. If you have no reliable anti-spyware program, you may not be aware of the changes that are being made on your computer while browsing some seemingly harmless website. It is also important to mention that one of the files in the browser’s cache stores malicious Javascript because the browser’s cache is a location which contains information on your visits to different websites so that you can access those websites more quickly in the future.

How to remove HTML/ScrInject.B?

When you visit a malicious website, the browse caches it. Hence, cleaning your browser’s cache should fix the issue. Some malware researchers recommending disabling Javascript; however, this may not be effective because a lot of websites are based on this programming language.  In order to minimize the risk of being exposed to malicious websites, you should use the latest browsers and a reliable spyware removal tool.

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