GOZI Trojan

What is GOZI Trojan?

Even though GOZI Trojan has been around since 2007, cyber criminals still use this potent infection to generate completely illegal profit. To slip the infection into operating Windows systems schemers can use various Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox exploits, which is why you need to browse with utmost care if you do not want the infection running within the PC. To stay on the safe side, you should disregard illegal P2P file sharing sites, ignore spam emails and stay alert of potential social engineering scams. All in all, schemers have many tricks to help them activate the infection within your computer, but there is only one thing you need to do once the initial attack is complete – get GOZI Trojan removed. Please continue reading to find out all of the information on this deceptive Windows infection.

The malignant Trojan has been designed to steal online banking data, social security numbers, passwords, credit card information and other confidential details which could be used to involve you in financial scams. All of this is supposed to be carried out using SSL protocols that generally are considered as a highly secure method to protect data. Clearly, not in the case of the Russian GOZI Trojan which had been reported to have breached the security of governmental agencies and corporate companies, as well as home systems.

The bigger part of the schemers’ success can be accredited to the fact that the Trojan is capable of producing simulated interfaces of your login pages. This means that you could expose your passwords and user names without ever realizing it. Even if you do recognize the vicious Trojan running within the operating system and you track its malignant executable xx_ymvb.exe within the Documents and Settings folder, you are likely to face serious removal issues. Part of this is because the infection is capacitated with the so-called “packer” functionality which is meant to encrypt the program’s code or even delete some of its parts so that legal antivirus programs could not detect and delete it.

Needless to say, there is no time to “play” with the malicious GOZI Trojan, and the sooner you delete it the better. From the information provided it should be clear that this program is not an easy nut to crack, and even experienced Windows users should use automatic removal software to delete the dreadful application. Anti-Spyware-101.com team suggests using SpyHunter, a legal and powerful tool that will remove GOZI Trojan within minutes and will guard your Windows reliably for time to come.

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