Gendarmerie Nationale Virus

What is Gendarmerie Nationale Virus?

Gendarmerie Nationale Virus is a French ransomware infection which is also a clone of the well-known Ukash virus that turns the victimized computer’s processing upside down, because the threat disables access to the desktops programs, does not allow the user to browser the Internet, and claims that these measures are taken because illegal activities have been carried on from the computer. The explanation for locking the computer down is given in a pop-up message that also contains a logo of Gendarmerie Nationale, a military force, which is not related to the case and which should be disregarder.

The accusations presented in the messages are related to pornographic and pirated material. The user is accused of infringing copyright laws by using and distributing software or material of pornographic nature. Below, an extract from the original text is presented:

Les intractions suivantes ont été détectées:
Le fait; en vue de sa diffusion; de fixer; d'enregistrer ou de transmettre matériels pornographique impliquant des mineurs.
Utilisation des logiciels en infraction les droits d'auteur.
Partager des fichiers multimédia en infraction avec les droits d'auteur.


As the message is created by cyber criminals, it is highly advisable to ignore the demand that it is necessary to pay a fine of 200 Euros to unlock the computer. The time limit given to the users for paying the fine is three days, which does not mean anything. Even after 5 days, nobody will come to arrest you, because the message supposedly sent from Gendarmerie Nationale is a scam, and you should remove Gendarmerie Nationale Virus so that the computer can start running properly.

Pour débloquer votre ordinateur, vous devez payer 200 € dans les 3 jours prohaines.

Do not waste your money and do not use any online service for paying the fine. The fake alert states that there are two options for paying the fine – Ukash or Paysafecard, and even though you might have used these services earlier to make legal transactions, this time, these names should be ignored.

Ensuite, ouvrez le tab Payer amende, remplir le forme avec les codes et valuers des vouchers, et clique sur le bouton Payer amende.

Instead of paying a voucher, remove Gendarmerie Nationale Virus form the system, and you will save those 200 Euros. You can delete the virus either manually, which could be done only by highly experienced technicians, or automatically, which means that you should install a powerful spyware removal tool so that it can remove Gendarmerie Nationale Virus for you without your interference. As the lack of the Internet is the only obstacle which you should overcome to download a specialized tool, follow the instructions given to access the Internet:

1. Restart the infected computer.
2. Press the F8 key immediately.
3. Open Safe Mode with Networking.
4. Disable startup programs (go to the Start menu, open Run, enter msconfing and press OK. Find the Startup button and uncheck all the entries.)
5. Go to and download SpyHunter, which will remove Gendarmerie Nationale Virus.
6. Again restart computer in a normal mode.
7. Install the application and launch a scan.

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