Game Card Virus / Ransomware

What is Game Card Virus / Ransomware?

Game Card Virus / Ransomware  is the latest cyber criminals’ tool used to deceive computer users into paying money for unlocking the computer on which a Game Card message appears. The infection which disables the computer’s system completely presents an alert message claiming that the computer is locked down because of illegal downloads of music. The message is supposedly presented by CELAS, which, in reality, is owned by PRS for Music and GEMA. The two later names have already been used by cyber schemers to deceive users and persuade them to ransom the infected computers; consequently, the case of Game Card Ransomware is not an exception.

In the message, it is claimed that some pieces of pirated music have been detected on the PC. To sound more intimidating, different articles of law are presented as possible means of further prosecution. If that is not enough, the user is expected to get scared when he or she finds that the computer’s IP address and Host Name are given too. At this point it is important to remember, that the message is presented by Game Card Ransomware, which should be removed immediately. As soon as the infection is removed, the computer performance is back to normal.

Below you will find some extracts of the message displayed by this sly piece of ransomware:

Illegally downloaded music tracks (in other words, “pirated copies”) have been detected at your PC.

The legible identification both of your person and that who uses your IP-address and Host Name poses no problem anyway.

For unblocking and commission of any other actions resulted from infringement of rule of law you should pay a penalty equal to $100. The payment should be delivered through our financial partner – Ultimate Game Card.

Pay attention to the last example saying that you should pay the ransom payment of one hundred USD through Ultimate Game Card. This amount of money appears only once in the text, because later it is given in euros. If the message were presented by the authentic company, such a mistake would be intolerable, and the notification would not even be released into the network. We guarantee that the alert message is bogus and highly suggest that you remove Game Card Ransomware as soon as you can so that you do not have to pay the charge to unlock the machine.test

Our recommendation for the infection’s removal is that you use a reliable spyware removal application, because this method is by far the safest and the most suitable for every computer user. To download an antispyware application, you should reboot the computer, immediately hit F8 and then login into the system in Safe Mode with Networking. Our Antispyware101 team advises you to use SpyHunter because of its capacity to remove the latest malware and fight different computer threats off.

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