What is FitnessLance?

FitnessLance is an advertising-supported program that comes from the same group of adware as Game Wham, DraftFactor, BeautyBrilliant, and other suspicious programs. All of these programs promise different services, but all of them require elimination because it is very dangerous to keep them active. The ad-supported application we are discussing in this report is officially represented via, and, according to the information on this site, it provides daily fitness tips. Although it is likely that this program will provide articles regarding fitness, they are not original. Instead of creating unique content, the developer of this adware has decided to present the contents of other websites. When researching this adware, we were introduced to the same articles and “tips” that you would see if you visited Even if that were all that was raising suspicion, we would advise removing this adware from your PC. Unfortunately, there are more reasons to get rid of it.testtest

How does FitnessLance work?

If you have not downloaded FitnessLance from its official website, you might have acquired it packaged with malware or unwanted programs (e.g.,, MyPcBackUp). According to the research conducted by our researchers, this adware has been found spreading via modified search results, which is a sign of active malware as well. Whether this adware is introduced as a beneficial program or is hidden behind an attractive offer, this method of distribution is extremely questionable. In any case, there is a high chance that you will encounter other threats, and they might be even more suspicious and unreliable than the ad-supported program itself. Even if FitnessLance enters as a standalone program, you might attract suspicious software by interacting with it. As you might have discovered yourself, this program shows advertisements, and they could be used to open backdoors for other suspicious software. Unfortunately, the ads represented with the help of this adware could hide schemers. The good news is that there are ways to spot scams and stay away from schemers.

When you install this adware onto the computer, you will be immediately introduced to ads. Whether you download FitnessLance using Internet Explorer or another browser, a new IE window will pop up introducing you to shopping deals, surveys, or prize giveaways.,, and are few of the many domains that might serve ads via this IE window. Whatever kind of content is shown to you, we advise thinking carefully before interacting with it. You do not want to leak information about yourself to unreliable parties or install unreliable software, do you? For example, the surveys shown to you might look harmless, and you might be convinced that a prize will be waiting for you at the end; however, these harmless-looking surveys could be easily used to collect data about. If you reveal, let’s say, your email address, sooner or later you might find a corrupted spam email. Overall, it is obvious that this program could open various security backdoors, and the first thing to do in order to close them is to delete adware from your PC.

How to remove FitnessLance

We suggest deleting FitnessLance as soon as possible. This adware is worthless, and it was created to assist unfamiliar parties. If you find the fitness tips represented via this program useful, check the websites that it uses, and visit them instead. The removal of this program is not too complicated; however, you might find leftovers after uninstalling it. If you decide to uninstall it manually, make sure to scan your PC to check for leftovers. The option we propose assures that all components are eliminated successfully; however, unless you are careful, it is best to utilize anti-malware tools. As you can see, the registry keys listed in the list below are found in the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE subtree. If you cannot find them there, you should check HKEY_CURRENT_USER. When it comes to the directories containing the folder you need to eliminate, you might be unable to detect some of them because that depends on the Windows version you run. If encounter any kinds of difficulties when erasing this threat, please leave a comment below, and we will help you as soon as possible.

Removal Instructions

  1. Launch Explorer (tap Win+E keys simultaneously).
  2. Check these directories (enter into the address bar) and Delete the fitnesslance folder:
  3. Launch RUN (tap Win+R) and enter regedit.exe to launch Registry Editor.
  4. Move to these paths and Deletethe keys at the end of them (in bold):
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