File Restore Virus

What is File Restore Virus?

File Restore Virus is a deceitful program that looks like a hard drive defragmenter; however, the interface of the program does not reveal its genuine intention which is to trick you into paying money for its full version. The sooner you give up resisting to the recommendations of the rogue to pay for the non-functional defragmentation tool, the happier cyber hackers are. Therefore, pay no attention to the scans and the errors detected and remove File Restore virus at once.

Once the malicious tool gets onto the computer, noticeable changes in the computer’s performance can be observed. The computer may become slower because of the adjustments made in the system. Most importantly, the fake program scans the system and lists imaginary errors, which should be ignored:

The Stop 0x50 message indicates that request data was not in memory. The system generates an exception error when using a reference to an invalid system memory address.

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Note that the fraudulent tool can show that not all parts of the system are damaged in order to look as convincing as possible. For example, it will pretend that it is checking HDD IRQ, HDD system interrupts, etc. However intimidating the errors given may seem to be, ignore them, because they do not mean anything. In addition, pay no attention to pop-up messages informing you about nonexistent errors, which sometime may be formulated illogically.testtesttesttesttest

Moreover, do not get annoyed if you cannot access some of your documents or files, because they may be hidden by this cunning program, which you should remove immediately. Once the computer is cleared from the infection, the hidden files and corrupted settings are restored.

File Restore Virus Video Removal Guide

The removal will be much easier if you register the program with one of the activation keys provided by our researchers. If the infection requires that you enter your email address, use any address instead of your private one in order to protect your privacy:


Now when you have the infection activated, install a legitimate spyware removal tool and delete File Restore virus . We recommend using use SpyHunter, because this tool can deal with malware of different kinds and protect the PC against future infections.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this info. I have the habit of trying every program that claims to remove virus or speed up my computer. I often end up ruining the entire system :)

  2. I have no experience with File Restore Virus, so can\'t comment but ofcourse I would like to appreciate your work!

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