Explorer.exe - Corrupt Disk

What is Explorer.exe - Corrupt Disk?

Explorer.exe - Corrupt Disk is one of the fake alerts that pop up at your system tray. This fake alert is related to System Repair - a fake computer optimization tool. System Repair comes from the same group as File Recovery, File Restore, Data Recovery and other fake HDD defragmenter tools, that supposedly enter your system with intention to find various errors and fix them. Unfortunately, Explorer.exe - Corrupt Disk makes it very obvious that the so-called "errors" that System Repair is supposed to fix are hoaxes themselves. Fake HDD defragmenters generates a list of system errors that makes the user think that his or her system is in danger.

What does Explorer.exe - Corrupt Disk do?

In practice, Explorer.exe - Corrupt Disk fake alert is not dangerous itself, inasmuch the danger lies in System Repair. Normally similar fake optimization tools share the same fake security alerts, but Explorer.exe - Corrupt Disk is common only to the upgraded version of System Repair. Users get infected with the fake optimization tool via social engineering or fake online malware scanners and then the Explorer.exe - Corrupt Disk fake alert pop up on their screens:

explorer.exe - Corrupt Disk

Exception Processing Message 0xC0000397 Parameters 0x7C80001A

0x000003FB 0x7C8002CD 0x7C8006E9

The alert itself looks rather sophisticated and inexperienced computer user might think that there is definitely something wrong with his/her computer. However, System Repair has a tendency to list errors that (if they were real) would make it impossible for you to run your PC. Hence, it is obvious that the Explorer.exe - Corrupt Disk alert is fake and so is the program it comes with.

How to remove Explorer.exe - Corrupt Disk?

In order to get rid of Explorer.exe - Corrupt Disk, you need to remove System Repair. This fake optimization tool aims for your money, and if you reveal your credit card information to it your money will be stolen. Close the program right now and invest in powerful antimalware tool to remove System Repair automatically. Download SpyHunter free scanner and scan your system to make sure that you have no other infections on your PC, because such computer threats seldom come alone. Do everything what is necessary to safeguard your system.

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