Enhanced Results

What is Enhanced Results?

Enhanced Results is a list of sponsored links which are displayed at the top of the search results page. The links, or simply ads, are inserted into the Google search results after installing a particular adware program. However, Enhanced Results may also be caused by a legitimate computer program. One of them is a browser extension called FoxLingo, which is installed as a browser toolbar on Mozilla Firefox. The toolbar is available at foxlingo.com or at Firefox Add-on library. If you want to remove Enhanced Results, do it right now because some of the websites to which you directed by Enhanced Results may pose danger to the performance of the system and your privacy.

Why do you see Enhanced Results?

Enhanced Results can be distributed by any adware program.  The sponsored links are said to be displayed in order to provide you with access to relevant advertisements, YouTube videos, Flickr pictures and other websites. Moreover, the Enhanced Results block also provides links to popular websites, including YouTube and Wikipedia.


As regards the very links that are generated by Enhanced Results, you should keep in mind that you interact with those links at your own risk. You may find that some of the links are not related to your search queries. For example, you may be invited to fill in a questionnaire or a survey, play online games or download a computer programs. Though reliable websites may be promoted in this way, you should not trust every single website to which you are taken. It is very important that you not disclose your personal information on the websites whose privacy policy is not clear. For example, your personal information may be used not only for advertisements, which is usually done by many software developers, but also for the productions of spam emails. It means that if you reveal your email address in some survey, soon you may receive some spam messages, which may take you to insecure websites. Hence, you should be extra cautious when dealing with Enhanced Results.

How to remove Enhanced Results?

Since Enhanced Results distributed by FoxLingo works only on Mozilla Firefox, you can easily remove the browser extension. However, if you are sure that you have installed some other program and want to find out whether it can cause you some harm, implement a powerful spyware removal tool. Bear in mind that Enhanced Results may be associated with any adware program, so you should make sure that you implement a really reliable anti-spyware tool.

How to remove Enhanced Results and FoxLingo Toolbar

Mozilla Firefox

  1. Press Ctrl+Shift+A.
  2. Click Extensions.
  3. Remove the unwanted browser add-on.
  4. Restart the browser.
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