Dream Scan Soft

What is Dream Scan Soft?

Dream Scan Soft is a fake anti-malware program which you should remove from the PC once you find it on your computer. It is installed surreptitiously without the user’s consent while browsing insecure websites. If your computer is not protected by a powerful security tool, Dream Scan Soft can easily access the system and start its deceitful processes in order to obtain your money.

What does Dream Scan Soft do?

The deception of Dream Scan Soft starts every time you log in to the operating system; more specifically, the application displays its fake scanner which lists new infections one by one. Dream Scan Soft cannot detect computer infections – it only imitates scans in order to deceive you into purchasing the full version of the program. Unsuspecting computer users may fall for the scam because the scanner shows that the computer contains Backdoor/Spy.W32, Trojan/Win32, and many other computer threats. It has been found that Dream Scan Soft is less vicious than the rogue anti-virus programs detected earlier, because it does not display numerous system tray warnings and security alerts. Here is how Dream Scan Soft encourages computer users to acquire the full version of the program:

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There is no need to buy the malicious program because it cannot protect you from different computer threats.testtesttest

Moreover, unlike fake AV programs from the so-called Rogue.WinWebSec and Rogue.VirusDoctor families, Dream Scan Soft does not disable executable files and your access to the Internet, which means that you can download a legitimate spyware removal tool in order to eliminate the intruder from the PC.

Note that by filling in the payment form, you risk losing your credit card number, its CVV2 number, and other personal details. The criminals behind the threat may try to use your sensitive information, so if do not want to become a victim of identity theft, ignore the scan results provided by Dream Scan Soft and remove the malicious program from the PC.

How to remove Dream Scan Soft?

Even though any computer infection can be removed manually, it does not mean that the removal can be easily performed by any computer user. We recommend that you rely on a spyware removal tool, because by using a reliable anti-spyware application you do not risk the performance of the system. We advise that you implement SpyHunter because this application can easily remove Dream Scan Soft and shield the system from different computer infections. You will be protected from browser hijacker, Trojan horses, adware programs, and other threats, so remove Dream Scan Soft and browse the Internet as usual.

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