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What is Delta Search Redirect to

Delta Search  is a browser hijacker that redirects user to Delta Search affiliated websites without user's permission. It is closely related to and fake search engines. It might seem that Delta Search Redirect provides decent search function, but the truth is that it only uses a customized version of a well-known search engine. What is more, Delta Search Redirect displays advertisements on its main page, and clicking on these advertisements can lead you to corrupted websites that contain malware. You are strongly advised to remove Delta Search Redirect from your computer immediately to avoid serious malware infection.


What does Delta Search Browser hijackers do?

Delta Search Redirect can infiltrate your computer together with freeware that it comes bundled with. There are tons of applications available to download on the Internet for free, and some of them can have additional programs attached that you will not find useful at all. Delta Search Redirect is not a virus, but it can cause trouble, if it redirects you third party websites that are full of pop-up advertisements, leading to infected or spam pages. So far, Delta Search Redirect has been seen to affect Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox internet browsers. However, that does not mean that other browsers cannot or will not be taken over by Delta Search Redirect sooner or later.

How to remove Delta

The best way to remove Delta Search Redirect is to acquire a legitimate antimalware tool and perform a full system scan. This way you can also check your computer for other possible infections that could have entered the system during constant redirections. Just like it has been mentioned above, Delta Search Redirect is not a particularly dangerous computer threat, but it can be used as part of malware distribution if it gets exploited by cyber criminals.

You can remove Delta Search Redirect manually from your computer as well.

Remove Delta Search Redirect from Windows

Windows 8

1. Drag mouse cursor to the bottom left corner of the screen.
2. Right click a minimized metro screen when it appears.
3. Select Control Panel.
4. Go to Uninstall a program and remove Delta Search from the list.

Windows Windows Vista & Windows 7

1. Go to Start Menu -> Control Panel --> Uninstall a program.
2. Remove Delta Search

Windows XP

1. Go to Start Menu -> Control Panel --> Add or Remove Programs.
2. Highlight Delta Search and remove it.

Remove Delta Search engine from your browsers

Internet Explorer

1. Press Alt+T and go to Tools.
2. Go to Internet Options.
3. Under General tab Home page section remove
4. Enter a home page address you like and click OK.
5. Press Alt+T and to go Manage add-ons.
6. Remove from Search Providers list.

Mozilla Firefox

1. Click Firefox button and go to Options.
2. Remove from home page section under General tab.
5. Enter a home page address you like and save changes.
6. Click the search bar at the top right corner and press F4.
7. Click Manage search engines...
8. Remove from the list and save changes.

Once you are done with manual removal, perform a full system scan, just to make sure that there are no malicious files left. If you have any questions regarding Delta Search Redirect and its removal leave a comment below.

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  1. Please can you explain a bit more clearly about stages 6,7,8 in Mozilla fire fox to remove delta search stuff; I've clicked the toolbar but nothing happens-pictures would be very usefull for me.

  2. THanks for your help in getting thuis off of my mothers laptop :O)

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