What is ZeroLocker?

If you cannot access your files that are placed on the Desktop and notice that the shortcuts in the Taskbar have been corrupted, there is a huge possibility that ZeroLocker, which is a typical ransomware has managed to infiltrate the system. According to the researchers of, ZeroLocker might be distributed with fake Java installers. You might download them by clicking on ads and fake buttons placed on file sharing and torrent websites. If it happens that you detect WinUpd32.exe file on your system, there are no doubts that ZeroLocker has managed to enter it because this file is known to be associated with this Trojan. Even though it might be rather challenging to remove ZeroLocker from the computer, you should still do this as soon as possible because this malicious software might cause serious harm to your system.test

How does ZeroLocker act?

One of the main symptoms that ZeroLocker has slithered into the system is the presence of ZeroLocker folder (you will find it if you follow this path C:\ZeroLocker). There will be three files placed in it (address.dat, log.dat, ZeroRescue.exe). Even though the message that appears on the screen after the infiltration of ZeroLocker claims that “your files are not lost forever”; the truth is that there are no guarantees that you will be able to access your files after transfered $300, $600 or even $1000. Thus, we believe that you should not risk losing your money.

Furthermore, it has been revealed that ZeroLocker might encrypt ntuser.dat file in order to encrypt various shortcuts and icons very quickly. This file is responsible for various preferences of computer users. For instance, Start menu configuration, Desktop properties, and then like. Unfortunately, you will not be able to decrypt this file yourself, which means that you will not be able to restore these personal preferences. In order not to allow computer users to decrypt their files, ZeroLocker uses cipher.exe command. It will create a temporary folder called EFSTMPWP and then place several temporal files in it. Finally, it will replace the information of the files with some kind of symbols.

How to remove ZeroLocker?

According to the researchers of, it seems that it is impossible to decrypt those files. Even if it is impossible to access your files, you should still remove ZeroLocker from the system because there is a possibility that it will act behind your back and attract other infections. Unfortunately, it is very difficult to erase it manually, which is why we advise you to acquire an automatic malware remover. Keep it enabled all the time in order not to allow similar infections enter your system in the future. 100% FREE spyware scan and
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