WorldSport New Tab

What is WorldSport New Tab?

WorldSport New Tab is an application that has been tailored for Internet surfers who have an interest in soccer. However, it has been deemed potentially unwanted and you ought to remove it. It is not bad, but it does not do anything good either. One major complaint is that upon installation this browser extension automatically changes the new tab and homepage to another website. If you want to rollback these changes, then we suggest getting rid of this application. If you want to know more about WorldSport New Tab, then we invite you to read the full article.testtesttest

Where does WorldSport New Tab come from?

This application brings some confusion that we will try to sort out. WorldSport New Tab has allegedly been developed by APN, LLC. This developer has quite a few releases under its belt. However, most cyber security analysts deem most of its products as potentially unwanted programs. This program’s website also states that it is distributed by InMind, Inc. This company is in the online advertising business. However, it seems that these two companies are closely associated with Mindspark Interactive Network, which is known for its bad browser toolbars. So in actuality, this application is most likely developed by this company.

Regardless, WorldSport New Tab is disseminated using its dedicated website, but, as far as we know, most people get it by downloading software bundles from websites such as, because this particular distributor is known to host applications of APN, LLC. So, if you do not want to get WorldSport New Tab or similar undesirable applications, then make sure to opt out their installation.

What does WorldSport New Tab do?

This browser extension is Chrome-exclusive, meaning that it will not work on other browsers, such as Firefox and Internet Explorer. Its stated purpose is to provide soccer fans with news and whatnot. But it seems to promote only a few websites; one is called and the other Nonissue is a news portal and Sportstreams displays information about upcoming sports events and matches. Once installed, this extension changes the homepage and new tab page to a modified version of, which is typical for Mindspark-based software.

We do not recommend that you use this modified search engine, because it is allegedly owned by APN, LLC, the unreliable software developer. This company most likely uses this custom search engine to collect information about you and present customized search results with suggested partner websites that may be unreliable. The information this search engine collects automatically includes IP addresses, time zone and language settings, The URL of the last webpage visited before visiting the Website, search queries, search results selected, and so on.

How to remove WorldSport New Tab

The analysis of our researchers confirms that WorldSport New Tab is a potentially unwanted application. The sports-related content it provides is quite shabby and you can easily bookmark the pages if you really want to. The fact that it changes the homepage and new tab page to a modified and unreliable website owned by a shady company is another reason to remove WorldSport New Tab. You can keep this extension if you really want to, but getting rid of it is a much wiser decision.

Remove WorldSport New Tab from Google Chrome

  1. Open the browser and press Alt+F.
  2. Select More tools and click Extensions.
  3. Find an extension called Sports by InMind and click Remove.
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