Usr0 Ransomware

What is Usr0 Ransomware?

Usr0 Ransomware is a computer infection distributed via email spam and is dedicated to encrypt all of your personal files. Without a doubt, you have to remove this application, but if it has already infected your PC, then it is too late because it encrypts the files as soon as it is in place. After encrypting your files it will drop a ransom note that asks you to contact the developer via the provided email address to decrypt the files, but take note that the developer will want you to pay money for this privilege and it will not come cheap.

What does Usr0 Ransomware do?

This ransomware was released only recently and our security experts have yet to analyze this ransomware’s executable. However, they have gathered a lot of information about it from different sources that are enough to conclude that Usr0 Ransomware is a highly malicious infection. Researchers have found that it is designed to use an advanced encryption algorithm (most likely RSA or AES) to encrypt your most valuable files. They say that it is designed to encrypt for than a hundred different file formats that include, but are not limited to .DOC, .DOCX, .PPT , .PPTX, .3G2, .3GP, .ASF, .AVI, .FLV, and .M4V. No files are safe from this ranomware’s reach as it will encrypt all files in almost all directories, but it will skip several locations such as %Windows%, %AppData%, and %System32% say they feature important files, necessary to run Windows. The encryption of the files takes only a few seconds and then you will be unable to access your files.

While encrypting them, Usr0 Ransomware will append the files with the .usr0 file extension. This extension is an indicative of the fact that the file was encrypted. Once the encryption is finished, this ransomware will drop a ransom note called Важная информация.txt on your computer’s desktop. The name is in the Russian language and the same can be said that about its contents. The text inside it basically says that you r files are encrypted and that you have to contact the developer via the provided email address to get them back. However, it does not mention that the developer will want you to pay 1.24 BTC, an approximate $750 USD. This is a lot of money and there is no guarantee that the developer will keep his end of the bargain. Also, after encrypting the files, it will run the "vssadmin delete shadows /all /quiet" command and delete all Shadow Volume Copies of your files.

Where does Usr0 Ransomware come from?

It is reasonable to assert that this ransomware was developed in Russia or some other Russian speaking country and is set to target Russian speaking users because the ransom note features this language only. There is no English version, so its disseminated margin is not that wide. Also, our security experts say that it is disseminated via email spam disguised as invoices. The emails are said to include a malicious file attachment that is most likely a JavaScript file that downloads a DLL file that is run by Rundll32.exe to download the main executable and drop it into %AppData%, %Roaming%, %Temp%, %Local% or %SystemDrive%. So, our advice is to be careful about what emails you open and be sure to have an antimalware program to stop such infections dead in their tracks.

How do I remove Usr0 Ransomware?

Usr0 Ransomware is just another Russian-made ransomware just like Ransomware, Cryakl Ransomware, Jager Ransomware, and Dr Jimbo Ransomware. It is set to encrypt your files and offer you to contact the developer that will surely offer you to purchase the decryption tool. However, there is no guarantee that the tool will work or whether you get it at all. So you ought to remove this ransomware and hope that a free decryption tool will soon make an appearance.

Delete this ransomware manually

  1. Press Windows+E keys.
  2. Enter the following paths in the address line and hit Enter.
    • %SystemDrive%
    • %AppData%
    • %Roaming%
    • %Local%
    • %Temp%
  3. Locate the malicious file.
  4. Right-click it and click Delete.
  5. Empty the Recycle Bin.
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