Ultimate Shopping Search

What is Ultimate Shopping Search?

Ultimate Shopping Search is a browser extension for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox that should give users “a better search experience.” On top of that, it promises to provide “shop recommendations” on the basis of what users are searching for. Generally speaking, it is promoted as a piece of software that can improve the web searching experience. Because of this, there are more than 50 000 users who have installed it from the Chrome Web store. It should be quite popular among Mozilla Firefox users too. Although it is promoted as a beneficial application, Ultimate Shopping Search is not exactly what it claims to be. It is not just our opinion – the in-depth analysis has shown that this application is not as decent as it might seem to be at first sight. Because of this, it has been categorized as a potentially unwanted program (PUP) by researchers at anti-spyware-101.com. All its drawbacks are listed in the next three paragraphs, whereas the last paragraph focuses on its removal – read it if you come to a decision to replace it with another program.testtesttest

What does Ultimate Shopping Search do?

A new button will appear at the top of your web browser after the installation of Ultimate Shopping Search. It opens the “web and shopping search” which displays Yahoo! search results. Some users find it quite useful to be able to access the search tool with the click of a button, but they, surely, do not know that it is its only useful feature. To be frank, it might be true that there are more disadvantages than advantages of keeping Ultimate Shopping Search installed. Researchers say that this potentially unwanted program might provide users with third-party commercial advertisements. Such ads might be quite harmful because they are capable of redirecting to third-party websites which might promote undesirable software. Second, it has been found that users might see the modified search results when they search for the information on the web using the search box of Ultimate Shopping Search. These modified search results are shown to users for promotional purposes only, and they rarely open websites containing the information users are looking for. Of course, Ultimate Shopping Search cannot be called a malicious application, but it has been, without a doubt, categorized as a potentially unwanted program not without reason, as you can see.

If you have installed Ultimate Shopping Search on your computer, you have allowed it to detect your physical location, manage your apps, extensions, and themes, read and change your data on websites you visit, and communicate with cooperating websites. Usually, fully reliable browser extensions do not need permissions to perform these activities, so this immediately makes Ultimate Shopping Search a suspicious browser extension. There is only one way to put an end to all these activities it performs on your computer – delete it fully.

Where does Ultimate Shopping Search come from?

A disturbing finding about its distribution has been made too. It has turned out that its official website ultimateshoppingsearch.com and the Chrome Web store (chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/ultimate-shopping-search/eiibddcohpjhajbnfkpboacmohommppp?utm_source=chrome-app-launcher-info-dialog) are not the only sources this potentially unwanted application can be downloaded from. Research has shown that it might travel in software bundles too, i.e. it might travel bundled with third-party software too. These applications it travels together with it are usually free programs, but, unfortunately, there are no guarantees that they are all trustworthy, so it would be smart to perform a system scan with a reputable tool, e.g. SpyHunter after the Ultimate Shopping Search removal. Active threats will be found for you, and you could then take care of them.

How do I delete Ultimate Shopping Search?

Ultimate Shopping Search is not a dangerous application, so, as a consequence, it is not impossible to delete it manually. The only users’ task is to delete the Ultimate Shopping Search extension from Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. If you have no idea where you should look for those browser extensions, we recommend following the steps of our manual removal guide which is located below this paragraph. It will become immediately clear what you have to do and where to start first.

Ultimate Shopping Search removal instructions

Mozilla Firefox

  1. Double-click on the Mozilla Firefox shortcut to open it.
  2. Press Ctrl+Shift+A simultaneously on your keyboard.
  3. Check the list to locate the undesirable extension.
  4. Right-click on it and click Remove.

Google Chrome

  1. Launch Google Chrome and then open its menu (press Alt+F).
  2. Click More tools and open Extensions.
  3. Click on the extension of Ultimate Shopping Search.
  4. Click on the Recycle bin button.
  5. In the confirmation window, click Remove.
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