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What is your opinion about Do you think that it is a beneficial search tool? Or do you believe that it is an unreliable piece of software that deserves immediate elimination? At first, it might look like any other search provider because it has a simple and clean interface, it provides legal information – the lack of which immediately points to malware – and displays generic search options. Web, Images, Videos, and News search options are provided to users at the top of the search provider, but they do not work the way you might expect. Instead of showing you the news or image results you want, these search tools simply redirect you to a third-party search engine, and this is a problem. Reliable search tools represent authentic search results; they do not redirect to third-party search engines, and this is one of the reasons to remove from your browsers. Are you interested in other reasons? If you are, continue reading.test

How does work? is classified as a browser hijacker from the Elex family. Other hijackers within this family include and According to expert malware researchers at, these hijackers are spread by third-party installers that could be malicious. The worst part is that malicious installers could hide the hijacker and other threats along with it behind attractive software, and you might install unwanted programs and threats without knowing it. Overall, whether or not it comes uninvited, is not an invisible threat. This hijacker replaces the homepage on popular web browsers, including Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, which means that you should face it the moment you launch the infected browser. As mentioned previously, this search engine does not look any different from popular and authentic search engines, but you should realize that something is not right the moment you use it. Immediately, you will find it redirecting you to Google Search, and this is unexpected. Google Search might be a reliable search tool, but the results shown to you could be modified, and this is a huge threat, as you could be exposed to unreliable links.

Even if does not link to malicious websites, trusting it is very dangerous as this search tool can collect sensitive information and inject ads based on it. As the Privacy Policy reveals, third-party advertising networks can install their own cookies via the hijacker to spy on you. Even if these cookies only track non-personally identifiable information, you do not want them actively tracking your virtual activity, primarily because you do not know the parties controlling them. What if these advertising partners are actually schemers/cyber criminals in disguise? And what if they use ads that are attractive to you – because they were created based on your browsing history – to expose you to misleading and unreliable content (e.g., links, installers, surveys, etc.)? You need to think about these risks, and, if you realize that they could lead to danger, you need to delete ASAP.

How to eliminate

There is not a single feature of that is beneficial. This program cannot provide you with great offers by tracking your activity, and it cannot provide you with reliable and authentic search results. This is why it is most likely that you want to remove this hijacker from your browsers as soon as possible. Because there is a possibility that this hijacker will be installed as part of an unreliable extension, we attach the steps that will help you erase them from Firefox and Chrome browsers. If that does not work, modify your homepage URL manually. Once you delete from your browsers, quickly scan your PC to examine it and see if other threats remain active. It is crucial that you do not let malware run on your operating system as this could put your virtual security at risk. If you find that you cannot erase the detected threats manually, employ an anti-malware tool. You should also employ it if you want to keep your operating system guarded in the future.

Removal Instructions

Google Chrome:

  1. Launch the browser and tap Alt+F keys together.
  2. In the menu on the left click More tools and then Extensions.
  3. Find the unwanted extension and click the recycle bin next to it.
  4. Choose Remove to erase this extension.
  5. In the menu on the left click Settings.
  6. Move to the On Startup menu.
  7. Choose Open a specific page or set of pages and click Set pages.
  8. Overwrite the homepage URL, click OK, and restart Chrome.

Mozilla Firefox:

  1. Launch the browser and tap Alt+T keys together.
  2. In the Tools menu choose Add-ons.
  3. Move to the Extensions list and Remove the unwanted add-on.
  4. Tap Alt+T one more time and select Options.
  5. In the menu on the left click General.
  6. Overwrite the URL in the Home Page box.
  7. Restart your Mozilla Firefox browser.
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