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Almost every user must have been infected with or let on board at least one browser hijacker in his life, such as Therefore, it is important to understand that such an infection may pose a threat to your virtual security. Keeping this browser hijacker in your browsers could lead to your landing on unsafe websites, for example. And this can have all kinds of unfortunate consequences starting with letting more dangerous malware infections onto your operating system. According to our malware researchers, this hijacker can affect Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. So, if you prefer to use any of these browsers, it is quite likely that you will be presented with potentially harmful third-party content by this tool. While this browser extension pretends to be a useful tool for you that can provide you with proper protection through its quick-access links to PC optimizing and other security-related third-party websites, this hijacker may be a threat source itself. That is why we believe that you should remove from your browsers in order to take a step towards a safer PC. If you want to go all the way to a fully secure computer, you may need to eliminate a few more malware infections from your system.testtest

Where does come from?

First of all, you can download and install this tool directly from its official webpage at Whenever you install extensions directly, you should read the information in the pop-up window carefully because you need to know what you say yes to, i.e., what kind of changes you allow and what kind of permissions you grant to such a tool. If you still think it is all right, you can press the “Add extension” button. Of course, in this case we do not recommend that you do that. This hijacker is also promoted through the Chrome web store ( We need to emphasize from time to time that just because you find an extension in this store it does not necessarily mean that it is all reliable and useful. It is quite possible that once it gets reviewed by Chrome, this tool will also get blocked in the near future, as it has happened to so many before.

But it is not too likely that you have installed your version this way. We have a hunch that you may have visited an unreliable file-sharing website lately while searching for a free movie, music, or application to download. This is how a lot of users end up on suspicious file-sharing websites. You need to be very careful if you land on a torrent or shareware webpage. These sites are famous – or rather infamous – for the quantity and questionable quality of the third-party advertisements they tend to display. Clicking on ads on such pages is like sitting on a time bomb and wait. With a single click, you can easily drop a whole package of malware programs, including Trojans, adware applications, and browser hijackers as well as potentially unwanted programs. If you let such a bundle onto your system, you should act before it is too late. These infections can turn your system upside down if you do not detect and eliminate them all. Of course, their identity may be a mystery right now. Yet, you can be sure of one thing: You need to delete as a start.

How does work?

When this hijacker enters your computer, it changes certain browser settings. According to our researchers, your new tab page, home page, and default search provider settings may change to promote This questionable search page can pose a threat through the content it provides you. First of all, it offers you a number of links on its pseudo-toolbar that lead to the install pages of questionable applications associated with PC optimizing and security, such as There are other quick links on the page that lead to popular websites, including Facebook, Gmail, and Instagram. You can find these below the search field. These pages might display advertisements promoted by this hijacker.

Probably the most questionable threat source in this case is the search engine itself, though. We have found that this hijacker has the capability of changing the search results by integrating third-party ads and links into the pages. So even if you may think that you are on a reliable Yahoo search results page, you may be wrong; because this risky tool may just simply redirect your queries to a modified search results page either it uses its own search engine or an otherwise reputable third-party search engine, such as Yahoo. If you happen to click on content that was injected by this hijacker, there is a chance that you end up on a compromised website run by crooks. You should remove without a doubt if you do not want to lose money or the control of your operating system.

How can I delete

Finally, here comes the cure for this annoying infection: Reset your browsers. Yes, that is all there is to it. This should clear all the changes this hijacker has made. If you need help with this, please use our guide below this article. Keep in mind that this will only take care of this browser hijacker. But what about all the rest of the infections that possibly still endanger your privacy and your operating system. Leaving them on your PC would keep your system vulnerable as an open door for cyber criminals to attack your computer. If you want to close this door, you should eliminate all possible threats on your system. You can choose to do it manually by trying to identify infections through your Control Panel, Task Manager, and extension lists in your browsers. However, there may be more dangerous threats on your PC that you cannot actually see or find unless you are an expert. In order to make sure that your computer is clean and stays that way, we suggest that you use a professional malware removal application.

Remove from your browsers

Mozilla Firefox

  1. Tap Alt+H and select Troubleshooting Information.
  2. Press Refresh Firefox and in the pop-up, click Refresh Firefox.
  3. Click Finish.

Google Chrome

  1. Tap Alt+F and select Settings.
  2. Click Show advanced settings at the bottom.
  3. Click Reset settings at the bottom.
  4. In the pop-up, click Reset.
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