What is MixPlugin?

MixPlugin is the name that is used to refer to plugins promoted on mixplugin.com. If you visit the official website mixplugin.com, you will immediately notice that several different extensions are put under this name: mixMusic Start, mixMusic Search, mixGames Start, mixGames Search, mixMovie Start, and Searcy by mixMovie. All these extensions should help users to find and download music, movies, and games from the web. Therefore, MixPlugin software seems to be quite beneficial at first glance. Unfortunately, this is not exactly true, so we do not recommend keeping this software installed for our readers. You will find all the reasons why you need to eliminate MixPlugin in further paragraphs. You will also find out how you can delete the MixPlugin software you have installed on your computer.testtesttest

What does MixPlugin do?

Unfortunately, not all the users know that, but MixPlugin will change the settings of the New Tab page. In other words, you will see another search engine every time you open the New Tab page. This piece of software does not do that without a user’s consent, so we cannot put it into the category of a browser hijacker. Researchers at anti-spyware-101.com have tested the search engine MixPlugin sets on the New Tab Page and found that this search provider is not trustworthy at all. It will even redirect all the searchers through Searchalgo.com, which is known to be an unreliable search engine. Unfortunately, this means that you might be provided with untrustworthy search results and sponsored links instead of being able to find movies, games, and music on the web. Believe us; unreliable search results might quickly take a user to other third-party web pages. Nobody knows anything about these web pages, so this means that you might also end up on the website full of malicious software. Unfortunately, it is impossible to say whether the website is good or bad because malware might simply be injected into the website imperceptibly.

It has been observed that there are users who do not even notice that the MixPlugin extension is installed on their systems. In most cases, these users rarely surf the web and do not open New Tab pages. If you wish to find out whether any of the MixPlugin extensions is installed too, you should try to find their main folders. In most cases, they have the following names: kcboafodfidhkjhhagekcbeepegnccha, ggengpicfffofkhheeiljiianaaflafh, pdehbgibkbcbdhjjdnocmlficfilhlod, nlddiojjnkclocngpifciakljgljhdbo, ddfgmkcedkmbgppkneoedidgnhfmbloc, and ghfmhofojkkfdnlfefhkckbflohgiicn. The names of these folders match the IDs assigned to them at the Chrome Web Store. Another way to check the system is to scan it with a diagnostic scanner. In fact, such a scanner can be downloaded from our website. All you need to do is to download it, install it, and scan the system with it.

Where do MixPlugin extensions come from?

Users can find all the extensions that belong to the MixPlugin family on the official website mixplugin.com. In addition, they are promoted on the Chrome Web Store, which explains why so many users download and install MixPlugin extensions themselves. Furthermore, it is known that the MixPlugin software tends to attach to applications that are considered freeware or shareware (it travels in software bundles) too, so you should never download any of these programs from untrustworthy sources ever again. Do not forget that it is also a must to read all the information provided in the setup wizard. If you do what we say, malicious software will never enter your system again. To make sure that your system is clean and safe, you should install a security tool too.

How to delete MixPlugin

The MixPlugin extensions affect Google Chrome browsers only. To be honest, you will simply see a new extension added if you download any of the available applications. You have to eliminate it in order to delete the MixPlugin software. Feel free to use our manual removal instructions if you do not know how to remove extensions. If they do not help you at all too, you should scan your system with a trustworthy antimalware scanner like SpyHunter.

Remove MixPlugin

Google Chrome

  1. Open your browser and tap Alt+F.
  2. Select More Tools and then open Extensions.
  3. Find and select the undesirable plugin.
  4. Delete it by clicking on the recycle bin button.
  5. Click Remove.

Remove all other existing infections from your system too. You can check your system by scanning it with the diagnostic scanner.

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