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If suspicious surveys and advertisements keep showing up whenever you are using your computer, might be the reason behind that. malware researchers have found that a scheduled task representing the name of this adware server (e.g., httpmansjournalninforifussm) might be created without your knowledge. If that is done successfully, ads will show up periodically at a certain time, for example, every 33 minutes. This means that every half an hour your default browser will be opened to redirect you to an advertisement. Though regular-looking ads promoting services and products might show up, you might also be introduced to surveys asking for you input, as well as prize giveaways that allegedly can enter you in sweepstakes. Unfortunately, the address of the adware server will not show up in the addresses representing ad pages, which is why it might be hard for you to identify and remove the threat. Well, if you follow our advice, you will have deleted in no time.test

Do you know what is? is classified as an adware helper, and, according to our research, it is very similar to the infamous and adware servers. These servers display ads only for the clicks, and their creators do not care about the content they promote. Of course, it is even possible that the parties controlling these adware servers are also responsible for the surveys and ads. Whatever the case is, there is no doubt that the ads are unreliable. What if you have interacted with them already? If that has happened, think about your actions. For example, if you remember downloading software promoted via the suspicious ads, you have to consider the possibility that malware has invaded your operating system. Even if you do not remember other infections slithering in, running a full system scan with the assistance of a reliable malware scanner is the wise thing to do. This tool will also help you identify the threats that might have invaded your operating system along with the adware helper. Are you surprised by that? Well, every infection enters the targeted systems somehow, and software bundles are very helpful.

According to our research, you are most likely to face malware packaged along with other suspicious programs; most likely those that were created for the Russian market. Needless to say, it is recommended that all users only use authentic and reliable installers. Unfortunately, many users are lured into trusting malicious installers, especially if they are trying to acquire free versions of popular and desirable programs. Have you started seeing ads soon after installing some seemingly great piece of software? Maybe you have observed other suspicious activity as well? It is quite possible that multiple infections have found their way into your operating system using the same software bundle, and you should not ignore them. Although you cannot focus on and delete multiple threats at the same time – that is, if you are removing them manually – you have to assess them and pick the ones that require your attention first. This is where a malware scanner comes in handy as well. What if you just ignore the malware and the ads that might come from it? Your virtual security could be damaged irreversibly.

How to delete

It should not take long for you to remove because all you need to do is erase the scheduled task. Of course, something is responsible for creating this task, and so you might need to erase additional threats. As we have mentioned several times already, a trusted malware scanner is right for this job. Do not panic if complicated and extremely dangerous infections are discovered. Not all threats can be eliminated manually, and automated malware removal software can help you greatly. Install this software if you are struggling to eliminate infections and keep your operating system protected against them in the future. malware analysts are also ready to assist you with all security-related issues. If you need our help, use the comments section below the article to start a conversation. Removal

N.B. We suggest resetting browsers, as well as deleting the scheduled task.

Google Chrome:

  1. Launch Chrome, tap Alt+F, and select Settings.
  2. Click Show advanced settings (find at the bottom of the menu).
  3. Click Reset settings (find at the bottom of the menu).
  4. Finally, click the Reset button.

Mozilla Firefox:

  1. Launch Firefox and tap keys Alt+H.
  2. Select Troubleshooting Information.
  3. Click the Refresh Firefox button.
  4. Now, click the button with the same name to confirm the reset.

Internet Explorer:

  1. Launch IE, tap keys Alt+T, and click Internet options.
  2. Click the Advanced tab and then click Reset.
  3. Select Delete personal settings.
  4. Finally, click Reset to complete the process.

Remove the scheduled task:

  1. Simultaneously tap Win+E to access Windows Explorer.
  2. Type %WINDIR%\System32\Tasks into the bar at the top and tap Enter.
  3. Delete the task associated with the adware helper, such as httpmansjournalninforifussm.
  4. Perform a full system scan to check for leftovers.
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