eAdvisor Ads

What is eAdvisor Ads?

As you can probably tell from its name eAdvisor Ads is a program that has something to do with advertising. And, indeed, showing commercial ads is all this program can do. The ads are annoying and can pose a risk to your computer’s security. We suggest that you remove it from your computer as soon as you can because it is clear as day that it will not do anything to improve your shopping experience, it will show you the same ads over and over again to generate clicks that make its developers money. Indeed, making money is this program’s only objective, so do not expect it to provide you with a useful service.testtesttest

What does eAdvisor Ads do?

eAdvisor Ads is a browser extension that works on Google Chrome only. If you install it on your PC, then it will start rendering coupons on many of the websites you may visit. This program is linked to Shopmania.ro, a Romanian online shopping site that sells electronic tech such as laptops, smartphones, digital cameras, and so on. eAdvisor Ads should promote more relevant or cheap product via its coupons. However, we have found that its might feature content from other sources. According to the information found on its website at Eadvisor.apps-advisor.net, “eAdvisor (Verified) is an add-on that shows you where to find the lowest price for almost any product that you may be looking to buy on various online stores.” Note the word “various.” It is clear as day that this application will promote content from different websites and that is not a good thing because there is no way of knowing whether all of its coupons are safe and will not mislead you.

Where does eAdvisor Ads come from?

According to our malware researchers, eAdvisor Ads comes from the same secretive developers as Pro Flip and Enhance Pro. While this new adware has a dedicated website at Eadvisor.apps-advisor.net, it contains no information about this program’s developers and publishers. We think that the site does not have this information purposefully, but the lack of it severely damages its credibility. Nevertheless, this program has managed to end up on the Chrome Web Store. Indeed, you can download it from the Chrome Web Store, and it was offered by none other than Shopmania.ro. As you can see, it is featured on its dedicated websites and the store mentioned above. However, there is one more distribution method we want to touch upon. Our malware analysts say that this program is also distributed using software bundles that might not disclose its presence. As a result, you can install this adware along with other third-party applications

How do I remove eAdvisor Ads?

If you want to delete eAdvisor Ads from your computer, then all you have to do is go to Google Chrome’s list of extensions and click the Remove button next to eAdvisor (Verified). While most of its ads should be safe, there is a small element of doubt as this program can feature products from many online shopping sites. Also, this program can enter your PC without your knowledge and start rendering unasked for, annoying pop-ups. So if you want to get rid of it, you can use the instructions presented below.

Removal Guide

  1. Open Google Chrome
  2. Press Alt+F.
  3. Go to More tools and select Extensions.
  4. Find eAdvisor (Verified) and remove it.
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