DummyCrypt Ransomware

What is DummyCrypt Ransomware?

DummyCrypt Ransomware is an infection that might become a serious threat to your personal data. At the time of research, this ransomware was not fully developed yet, but it is obvious that it has the potential to become as dangerous as Cerber Ransomware, Cocoslim98@gmail.com Ransomware, ISHTAR Ransomware, and all other similar threats that we have discussed on this website. Of course, if cyber criminals release a new version of this devious ransomware, we will inform you about it. For now, all we can do is warn you about a threat that might be still in the development stages. Our research team at Anti-Spyware-101.com has recently acquired a sample of this malicious infection, and we have analyzed it to warn you about the dangers it could bring. Needless to say, if your operating system has not been infected with this malware yet, you have to take security measures to prevent that from happening. If you have already been attacked by it, continue reading to learn how to proceed. Also, learn how to remove DummyCrypt Ransomware as that is very important.test

How does DummyCrypt Ransomware work?

Unsurprisingly, the main objective behind DummyCrypt Ransomware is to collect money, and the creator of this malicious infection might achieve that by forcing its victims to pay a ransom. The threat is meant to encrypt your files and demand a payment in return of a decryption key. At the moment, this ransomware is unable to encrypt files or collect ransom payments, which is why we believe that it is still being developed. Of course, if this threat has corrupted your operating system in this stage, you are in luck because you can get out of the entire situation unscathed. Unfortunately, the current version of the infection can lock your Desktop, which might paralyze you. Overall, at the moment, DummyCrypt Ransomware is not exactly malicious, but it can cause you a headache, and you cannot ignore it. Also, the ransom note represented by the ransomware via the screen-locking window is quite intimidating, and you might waste your time focusing on it. Here are a few excerpts from the intimidating notification.

Warning: Your data has been encrypted!
Your personal data has been encrypted by a safe technology called AES-256 with US federal government trusted.

The only way to decrypt your file is use the KEY corresponding the YOUR FILE.
Once encrypt complete we destroyed keys on this machine and only keeps a feature of this machine.

Clearly, the notification was not created by someone who speaks English fluently, which is why we believe that DummyCrypt Ransomware might have been created by amateurs who are simply trying to test the possibilities of ransomware. It is even possible that the information gathered will be used to create other ransomware infections, and they might be much stronger and more malicious. They could even use different infiltration methods. At the moment, it looks like the ransomware is spread via software bundles because it was found impersonating CCleaner, a well-know system optimizer. Of course, if you have let in the ransomware via a software bundle, you have to consider the possibility of other malicious infections running on your operating system. The devious DummyCrypt Ransomware is impossible to miss, but there are tons of malicious infections that are clandestine. Therefore, once you delete the ransomware, the first thing you should is run a full system scan. If malware does not exist, the next thing you should do is back up your personal files, which is the best way to prevent their loss.

How to delete DummyCrypt Ransomware

If the malicious DummyCrypt Ransomware has encrypted your operating system, it is most likely that your Desktop has been locked. Hopefully, you can unlock it by clicking the “I know, close this dialog” button represented on the ransom note. Once you unlock your PC, you need to figure out if this threat has encrypted your files or not. Check your photos, documents, and other personal files to see if they were corrupted. If they were not, you need to remove DummyCrypt Ransomware as soon as possible. Hopefully, that will not cause you more problems. The main task here is to find and erase the malicious executable file responsible for all the mess. If you are unable to locate it yourself, use an automated malware remover. Also, do not forget to employ security software to prevent other threats from attacking.

Removal Guide

  1. Click the I know, close this dialog button on the ransom note to unlock the PC.
  2. Locate the malicious file (use a malware scanner if you cannot identify it yourself).
  3. Right-click the malicious .exe file.
  4. Select Delete to get rid of it.
  5. Empty the Recycle Bin.
  6. Install a trusted malware scanner and perform a full system scan.
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