All_Your_Documents.rar Ransomware

What is All_Your_Documents.rar Ransomware?

All_Your_Documents.rar Ransomware is a rather unusual infection compared to other malicious programs created for money extortion. Apparently, instead of encrypting all user’s files separately, it places them into a password-protected folder. Thus, the malware’s victims are asked to pay a ransom not in exchange of a decryption key, but of a unique password. If you came across this ransomware yourself, you should not make any rash decisions. Transferring the ransom does not guarantee the user will receive the password to unlock his data. This is why we advise users save their money and look for other ways to get back the files that might have been lost. If you want to learn more information about All_Your_Documents.rar Ransomware we urge you to keep reading our report and should you decide to erase the threat know that there are removal instructions below the article.testtesttest

Where does All_Your_Documents.rar Ransomware come from?

To spread the malicious program widely the infection’s developers might be distributing it through malicious installers, harmful web pages, Spam emails, etc. Therefore, if you do not want to encounter such malware in the future, you should be extra cautious while downloading data from the Internet or opening email attachments. To make this task easier for you, we would advise you to get a reliable antimalware tool. It could warn you in case you launch infected data. Also, you could use it to scan suspicious files before opening them and so identify threats with less effort.

How does All_Your_Documents.rar Ransomware work?

As we mentioned at the beginning of our report, All_Your_Documents.rar Ransomware does not encrypt user files one by one like other ransomware applications. This malicious program gathers all private data found on your hard drives and places it on password protected folders that are created for each disk separately. For example, if at the time the infection appeared your computer had only C: hard drive, the malware would create just the following path C:\All_Your_Documents\All_Your_Documents.rar. The RAR file is the password protected directory.

Furthermore, our researchers at noticed that once the locked folder is created and all targeted files are moved, the threat may drop a ransom note. According to the message, All_Your_Documents.rar Ransomware‘s victims can open the file only after they install WinRAR and pay the ransom. Afterward, the malware’s creators promise that the user will be able to get the required password from their provided website. The problem is there are no guarantees this web page will not lose the connection to the server where the passwords might be stored, so paying the ransom is rather risky. Instead, users could try to restore their data while using backup files or other copies.

How to erase All_Your_Documents.rar Ransomware?

If you do not think paying the ransom is a great idea either, we encourage you to ignore the message and eliminate the infection. Users can do so either manually or automatically. If you have not much experience but want to try to get rid of All_Your_Documents.rar Ransomware manually, we advise you to follow the deletion instructions we placed below this text. As for users who want to erase the malicious program automatically or perhaps even clean their system from other potential threats too, we would advise them to get legitimate antimalware software. Once it is installed, click the scanning button and wait till the tool finishes checking the system. Then just click the provided deletion button, and the antimalware tool should remove the identified threats at once.

Remove All_Your_Documents.rar Ransomware

  1. Open the Explorer (Win+E).
  2. Go to the Downloads, Temporary Files, Desktop, or other directories where the malware’s launcher could have been downloaded.
  3. Find the malicious file, mark it and press Shift+Delete.
  4. Locate the ransom note (e.g. All Your Files in Archive!.txt), select it and tap Shift+Delete.
  5. Close the Explorer.
  6. Restart the computer.
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