What is DatingDone?

One could guess that DatingDone is a third-party application that helps lonely hearts to find their soul mates. Alas, that is very far from the truth because this program is classified as adware or potentially unwanted software. This means that although DatingDone does not bring you or your system direct harm, it could prove to be dangerous if it gets misused by malevolent third parties. This is when the real dangerous comes, and that is also one of the main reasons you must remove this application from your system immediately. You should also look for more unwanted programs as they tend to travel in packs.testtest

Where does DatingDone come from?

This application belongs to a group of potentially unwanted programs that includes such apps as Moneyzila, NewsCert, CareerPro, and others. We have covered these programs in our previous articles, so if you have dealt with the predecessors, you will know what to do with DatingDone as well.

Just like other programs in this family, this application may have entered your computer in a few different ways. For example, you could have downloaded it from the official website. The site is located at, and the direct download link functions without any glitches. Nevertheless, here most of the users will say that they do not remember visiting the site, and they have no idea how this adware app managed to sneak into their systems.

That is probably because the most common adware distribution method is bundled software. It means that several applications get installed at the same time through the same third-party installer. For instance, you might have downloaded some video converter app recently from a file-sharing site. The app came with a third-party installer that had several other applications bundled with it. Going through the installation process quickly, without reading all the steps, eventually results in installing additional programs no one wants.

On the other hand, downloading the program from the official source is not that much better either. During our tests, we have found that the official installer also bundles additional programs, most of which are unwanted and potentially harmful. For example, if you install DatingDone, you may also set up (a browser hijacker), System Healer (a PUP), Search Know (adware), and others.

What does DatingDone do?

Once again, the initial function of this application is void. The official site says that by using the program, you can “meet other 50+ singles near you.” Supposedly, this should be a senior matching service. However, depending on the region, the website may display a completely different notice. Not to mention that if you click the download button, the site will eventually redirect you to a third-party survey web page. That is definitely annoying and far from safe, so it only proves that there is something suspicious about the application.

What’s more, if DatingDone remains on your system for a prolonged period of time, you can expect the application to collect data on your web browsing habits. When it has enough information collected, the program will start spamming you with commercial advertisements that might be embedded there by unreliable third parties. In the worst case scenario, it might also be possible to get infected with ransomware, Trojans, rogue antispyware, and many other dangerous programs. Therefore, it would be wise to avoid that from happening by deleting all the potentially unwanted applications right now.

How do I remove DatingDone?

Sometimes users think that removing unwanted programs is a tedious task that they cannot complete. However, this adware application is not a malicious Trojan, and you do not need extensive knowledge in computers to get rid of it. Just open your Control Panel and uninstall the program. According to our security experts, DatingDone leaves no leftovers.

Nevertheless, there might be other programs that arrived at your PC together with this app, and you never even thought of installing them. Worse, there might be so many of them that you do not even know where to start. What to do in such a case? Get yourself a powerful antispyware application that would scan your PC and provide a list of all the unnecessary programs that need to be terminated immediately. Only then you can be sure that your computer will be safe and clean.

Manual DatingDone Removal

Windows 10 & Windows 8.1

  1. Press Win+R and type Control Panel into the Open box.
  2. Click OK and go to Uninstall a program.
  3. Highlight the unwanted applications and press Uninstall.

Windows Vista & Windows 7

  1. Open the Start menu and click Control Panel.
  2. Go to Uninstall a program and remove the adware application.

Windows XP

  1. Click the Start button and select Control Panel.
  2. Navigate to Add or remove programs and uninstall the adware application.
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