Cyber Command of Georgia virus

What is Cyber Command of Georgia virus?

Cyber Command of Georgia virus is a dangerous computer infection that blocks you from accessing your desktop. It displays a false notification that was supposedly sent by the USA Cyber Crime investigation squad and this infection claims you have been involved in illegal activity. Cyber Command of Georgia virus is categorized as ransomware infection which means that this infection expects you to pay a ransom fee within 48 hours since the infringement, but you would not solve anything if did so. Restore your desktop access and then carry on to remove Cyber Command of Georgia virus for good with an automated computer security tool.

Where does Cyber Command of Georgia virus come from?

Cyber Command of Georgia virus is one of the many infections distributed by Urausy Trojan. It is part of the Ukash Virus group of ransomware infections, and this particular program represents regional variety of ransomware infections. There is more than ransomware application that targets users in the US based on their state of residence. In general, this infection is called USA Cyber Crime Investigations Virus, but it may change several lines in the title, depending on which state you live in.

Therefore, Cyber Command of Georgia virus obviously infects users in the state of Georgia, and it tries its best to steal your money.

What does Cyber Command of Georgia virus do?

This infection has been created in order to push innocent users into thinking that they have committed something terribly wrong. Once the program gets installed onto your computer, your desktop access is blocked and instead of your wallpaper you see a screen-sized notification which says that you have 48 hours to pay a $300 fine via MoneyPak or MoneyGram, otherwise you will face criminal charges in court.

Your computer has been blocked up for safety reasons listed below.
You are accused of viewing/storage and/or dissemination of banned pornography (child pornography/zoophilia/rape etc). You have violated World Declaration on non-proliferation of child pornography. You are accused of committing the crime envisaged by Article 161 of United States of America criminal law.

It goes without saying that all the claims you read on the notification are not real. Even if Cyber Command of Georgia virus says that your computer will be unlocked once you transfer the money that is not going to happen.

How to remove Cyber Command of Georgia virus?

Obviously, in order to remove Cyber Command of Georgia virus from your computer, you need to restore your desktop access first. Refer to the instructions below to unlock your computer. When your desktop access is restored, get yourself a reliable antimalware program and scan the system. Then invest in the program to terminate Cyber Command of Georgia virus automatically along with all the other potentially harmful applications. Keep in mind, that investing in powerful antimalware tool ensure that your system is safeguarded against similar infections.

How to unlock my PC

Windows 8

  1. Press Windows key and metro Start menu will open.
  2. Click Internet Explorer tile and go to
  3. Click Run on the download dialog box and install SpyHunter.
  4. Run a full system scan.

Windows Vista & Windows 7

  1. Restart your PC and press F8 repeatedly until Advanced Boot Options menu appears.
  2. If Windows logo shows up, reboot the PC and try again.
  3. Use arrow keys to navigate and select Safe Mode with Networking. Hit Enter.
  4. Access and download SpyHunter.
  5. Install the program and perform a full system scan.

Windows XP

  1. Follow the steps above from 1 to 3.
  2. Click Yes on a confirmation box.
  3. Download SpyHunter.
  4. Open Start menu and click Run.
  5. Enter “msconfig” into Open box and click OK.
  6. Select Startup tab on System Configuration Utility.
  7. Click Disable all and then press OK.
  8. Reboot the PC in Normal Mode.
  9. Install SpyHunter and run a full system scan.

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