Cursor Mania Toolbar

What is Cursor Mania Toolbar?

Cursor Mania Toolbar is a browser plugin that is developed by Mindspark Interactive Network. It is closely related to myWebSearch Toolbar and as a result, it might cause some problem if it is misused by a third party. Originally Cursor Mania Toolbar is used to change the icon of the mouse cursor while the user browses the Internet. Despite the fact that the toolbar could prove to be useful, it is advised to remove Cursor Mania Toolbar from your computer, because it can redirect you to the websites of malicious content.

Where does Cursor Mania Toolbar come from?

This toolbar is commonly included in various freeware, and you might install it along with other players or games you find online. Usually, it is possible to choose whether you want to install Cursor Mania Toolbar on your computer with all of its features. These features include the switch of your homepage to that will become your default search engine as well, and every new tab you open will automatically redirect you to

If you install all the full setup of Cursor Mania Toolbar, you will have commercial advertisements popping up every now and then on your browser, and you will noticed that Cursor Mania Toolbar will perform an adware function. Not to mention that you will be redirected to affiliated third-party websites, that might contain dangerous malware files. The intrusive behavior of this toolbar and its resistance to removal are the main reasons why Cursor Mania Toolbar and other Mindspark products are categorized as spyware or adware.

How do I remove Cursor Mania Toolbar?

First of all, refer to the Uninstall instructions on the official webpage. You should be able to remove Cursor Mania Toolbar via uninstall utility in your Control Panel. Then you should disable and remove the toolbar from your browser plugins and extensions. However, it would be faster to terminate the toolbar with SpyHunter, because this antispyware program can automatically restore your browser settings and you do not need to do it manually. Also, Cursor Mania Toolbar can reappear after manual removal. Therefore, it would be for the best to perform a full system scan with SpyHunter, to check for any regenerated threats.

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