Cridex Trojan

What is Cridex Trojan?

Cridex Trojan, also known as Worm:Win32/Cridex.E, may be slipped into the background of any unprotected Windows system. Using spam email attachments, social engineering scams, surreptitious bundled downloads and other clandestine security vulnerabilities, cyber crooks could slip in tens of malicious components, which is what the vicious Trojan is built from. It has been researched that the infectious program could also be self-propagating, which means that it could use your personal, online accounts to be distributed. What is more, you may not even know that you need to remove Cridex Trojan, because this malicious application is highly treacherous and could hide within the PC for weeks before any noticeable symptoms appear. Unfortunately, the secretive running does not mean that the Trojan is not harming your PC or is not stealing your personal data; therefore, as soon as you notice any system operating issues, scan your computer at once.

The clandestine infection is capable of initiating various malicious actions, which will be carried out by malignant components located within the Documents and Settings of the Local Disk. It is most likely that these components will have randomly generated names; however, you should be careful about other files, which could use cloaked file names. It has been noticed that the malignant program could tamper with the running of certain executables, including cmd.exe or explorer.exe. You may face Internet connection issues or even web page redirections; therefore, you should be careful with your browsing activities, or better yet, limit your entire browsing to the minimum. If you are not careful, malignant elements could breach the security of your WordPress account and use it to distribute malignant spam links all across the web.

Overall, Cridex Trojan’s removal is something you should take care of as soon as possible. Since it may be impossible to tell whether the program exists within your PC or not, it is highly recommended to implement automatic Trojan detection and removal tools, which could remove any schemers’ chances at utilizing your online banking, personal blogging, email or online chat accounts. If you have previous experience with vicious computer infections and their manual removal, you could delete Cridex Trojan manually. Despite this, AntiSpyware101 research and support teams recommend implementing automated removal software to do the job.

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