Crackle Virus - Redirect

What is Crackle Virus - Redirect?

If you use once in a while, you can get infected with Crackle Redirect. The website that provides its visitors with free online TV shows and movies is used to infect computer users with browser hijackers such as Crackle Redirect. This hijacker constrains Firefox, Google Chrome and Internet Explorer and does not allow users to access desirable websites, because the search results are changed into malicious websites and the very website.

The administrators of are not regarded as related to the hijacking, because, in many cases, different websites are chosen to be victimized by the writers of malware so that various threats infect as many computers as possible. When such a website providing entertaining services for free is selected by cyber criminals, considerable damage might be caused to many computers. The research of the hijacker has shown that Crackle Redirect affects the performance of the system and displays pop-up advertisements that can appear on the screen even if the Internet connection is turned off. The source of this infection can be shareware or online antivirus scanners, depending on in which type of unadvisable activities you are involved.

If you want to put an end to the annoying redirects of the search results, delete this Crack Redirect infection. We recommend that you use a reliable spyware removal tool, which will detect and remove the hijacker. This way of removal is very convenient, because you do not have to change registry setting or manually detect the location of elements of the hijacker. Importantly, do not forget that you will delete the infection only if you use a legitimate tool, because a fake antispyware application will do more damage to the system.

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