Comet Arcade

What is Comet Arcade?

Comet Arcade is an application for the Windows operating system users. They install the program as a virtual game without realizing that different online advertisements and offers and bound to follow. If you do not check the Privacy Policy of this application, and you can find the document at, it is unlikely that you will know anything about the connection to third-party advertisers. Oblivion is the main reason computer users do not rush to remove Comet Arcade, and why they cannot figure out what is causing the avalanche of advertisements. researchers state that the flooding ads should be removed as soon as you delete the advertisement-supported software, or adware. Unfortunately, Comet Arcade may be running alongside other adware as well.testtesttest 100% FREE spyware scan and
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How does Comet Arcade work?

Malware researchers analyzing Comet Arcade have discovered that this application is almost identical to Disasteroids, Websteroids, both of which require removal as well. In fact, even the websites representing these applications look similar. Of course, what we should focus on is the activity of this adware. All of them are activated using a combination of specific keys – Ctrl+Alt+A. If you tap these simultaneously, you will be presented with a tool allowing you to bombard the sites you visit. Comet Arcade is quite competitive because it keeps score of the shots you make. Overall, even though the virtual game works the way it is supposed to, you need to keep in mind that if you do not delete Comet Arcade, you will face random online ads.

As mentioned before, Comet Arcade may run alongside other adware. This is why it may be difficult to identify which offers are specifically related to the application. Due to this, clicking on any banner/pop-up/in-text or other kind of deals and offers is not recommended. Even though some ads may be reliable, others could camouflage corrupted links and virtual scams. In order to eliminate the risks, you need to remove Comet Arcade and get rid of any other active computer infections.

How to remove Comet Arcade?

Comet Arcade is presented as a reliable application; however, it is now clear that it is linked to third parties who serve online advertisements. Clicking on any ads related to adware is risky because they may hide unreliable offers, links and installers. Malware researchers strongly recommend that you ignore all offers until you delete Comet Arcade and activate reliable safeguards. We suggest the installation of the automatic malware remover SpyHunter because it can delete malware/adware and help you guard the operating system in the future. You should install this software in case of successful manual Comet Arcade removal as well. You can find the manual removal instructions below.

Remove Comet Arcade

Remove from Windows XP:

  1. Navigate to the left of the Taskbar, click Start and select Control Panel.
  2. Go to Add or Remove Programs and Remove the undesirable application.

Remove from Windows Vista or Windows 7:

  1. Click Windows on the Taskbar, select Control Panel and then Uninstall a program.
  2. Right-click the application you wish to delete from the PC and select Uninstall.

Remove from Windows 8:

  1. Right-click on the Metro UI screen, select All apps and then Control Panel.
  2. Move to Uninstall a program and right-click the one you wish to delete. Click Uninstall.

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