What is CleanThis?

CleanThis looks like a legitimate antispyware tool; however, you should know that it is fake, which is why we recommend that you remove it. This program is classified as a rogue antispyware program whose main purpose is to extort money from computer users. This software is not the only one; there are other ones, for instance, ThinkPoint and Palladium-antivirus. They are all based on the same template and acts very similarly. These rogue antispyware programs are aimed at Windows users mainly because they pretend to be related to Microsoft Security Essentials. You should not believe this program in any case.

How does CleanThis work?

In order to make the user believe that the computer is infected with various threats, CleanThis provides plenty of visual proof. First of all, it provides a fake system scan once installed onto computer. After this, it provides a list of fake files which supposedly are infected and cannot be fixed unless the program is upgraded. This rogue antispyware tool lures users into purchasing a full version of the program. We do not recommend paying money because you will lose it all and the program will still be present on your system. Furthermore, it displays various notifications and pop-ups (see below) in order to convince you that your computer is suffering from different malicious software. However, you should definitely ignore them. Finally, it does not let you access task manager, registry editor, and other crucial tools claiming that they are all infected. Actually, it blocks them not to be removed itself. As you can notice, you will not be able to use your computer normally, unless you remove CleanThis from your computer.

Security Essentials detected 1 potential threat that might compromise your privacy or damage your computer. Your access to these items may be suspended until you take an action. Click Show details to learn more.

The application taskmgr.exe was launched successfully but it was forced to shut down due to security reasons. This happened because the application was infected by a malicious program which might pose a threat for the OS.

How to remove CleanThis?

If you do not remove CleanThis from your computer, you will not be able to access your desktop, documents, and launch any program you like. Besides, it might attract other infections onto your computer. The best what you can do for the computer’s sake is to erase CleanThis entirely, without leaving any elements. You can do that by scanning your computer with a reliable antimalware tool, which will remove CleanThis and leave no traces. We suggest that you use SpyHunter. It will not only remove the existing threats, but also protect your system from future infections.

Remove CleanThis

  1. Restart your computer.
  2. Start tapping F8 when BIOS screen appears.
  3. On the Windows Advanced Options Menu select Safe Mode with Command Prompt using arrow keys.
  4. When the Windows command prompt appears, type explorer and press Enter.
  5. Type regedit to open Registry editor.
  6. Go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon.
  7. Locate Shell and right-click on it, then select Delete.
  8. Click Yes.
  9. Go to C:\Documents and Settings\[User Name]\Application Data\ (if you are using Windows XP) or C:\Users\[User Name]\AppData\Roaming\ (if you are using Windows Vista/7)
  10. Delete gog.exe file.
  11. Restart your computer in a normal mode.
  12. Visit and download SpyHunter.
  13. Install it and start system scan.
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