Canadian Security Intelligence Service Virus

What is Canadian Security Intelligence Service Virus?

There is no doubt that you will not want to face the sinister Canadian Security Intelligence Service Virus; however, if your computer is not guarded by automatic infections’ discovery and deterrence tools, the program could enter without any of your knowledge. After this, the virus could remain “silent” for as much as days until your computer’s attack is initiated. Once this is executed, you will not be able to access your desktop, delete Canadian Security Intelligence Service Virus or remove its annoying notification from your desktop. Please view an extract or see the screenshot below.

This IP address was used to visit websites containing pornography, child pornography, zoophilia and child abuse. […] Spam-messages with terrorist motives were also sent from your computer.

This computer lock is aimed to stop your illegal activity.
To unlock the computer you are obliged to pay a fine of $ 100. You must pay the forfeit through Ukash.

You should not be intimidated by the presented address or the logo of the Canadian Security Intelligence Service, because the agency does not have anything to do with your computer’s lock-down or the fine payment demands. What is more, you should also pay no attention to, because this email address does not represent the Canadian government as it may seem from first glance. In reality, if you contacted the address with the requested codes attached, your money would be taken and no further explanation would be issued.test

If you still wonder about the legitimacy behind the Canadian Security Intelligence Service Virus, suggest taking a look at previously reported infections, which are commonly named by the umbrella name of Ukash. Polizia Di Stato Virus, Česká Republika Policie virus, Bundesamt für Polizei virus, Northern Constabulary E-Crime Unit virus or GVU Virus are all part of the same faction of ransomware infections. As you can tell by the names of these infections, all of them are targeted at different countries, which is why you should be aware of other potentially harmful viruses from the same category.

To delete Canadian Security Intelligence Service Virus all you need to do is install automatic removal tools, which will be powerful enough to remove Trojans that are likely to be running alongside.

  1. Restart your personal computer and, without waiting for the boot-up, press F8.
  2. Select Safe Mode with Networking.
  3. Go to and install SpyHunter.
  4. After the virus is deleted, restart the computer.

Canadian Security Intelligence Service Virus Guidance for Windows XP owners/users:

  1. Reboot into Safe Mode with Networking and download SpyHunter.
  2. Go to Start and type “msconfig” into Run. Enter.
  3. Within the appeared menu go to Startup and Apply after clicking Disable All.
  4. Restart the computer and then run SpyHunter to delete the infection.
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