Bundesamt für Polizei virus

What is Bundesamt für Polizei virus?

Bundesamt für Polizei virus is a ransomware infection that may infect your operating Windows system, if it is not safeguarded by automatic antimalware software. Only such implementations could save you time and trouble that you will waste when dealing with virus’ removal. The cunning infection may slither into the PC using bundled downloads or social engineering scams; however, there is a bigger chance that it has been installed onto your computer by the Reveton Trojan. Once the surreptitious infiltration is complete, the infection is set out to disturb your computer’s functionality and remove your access to the desktop, by locking it with a completely bogus message. It may seem that it is impossible to remove Bundesamt für Polizei virus or disable its warning from the computer, but Anti-Spyware-101.com is here to help.


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The main signal identifying that your computer has been attacked by the ransomware virus is its obnoxious, misleading alert. Of course, before the computer gets paralyzed and the notification is presented, you might notice slower PC’s performance, Internet connection issues, and so on. Regardless, once the alert is up on your screen – the scam is in full effect, and you will be presented with the following:

Ihr Computer wurde gesperrt!
Die Funktion Ihres Computer wurde aufgrund unerlaubter Internethandlungen auβer Kraftgesetzt. […]
Die Summe der Geldbuβe betrāgt 100 Euro. Die Bezahlung muss innerhalb von 48 Stunden nach Kundgabe des Verstoβes entrichtet wird, wird automatisch ein Strafverfahren gegen Sie eingeleitet.

Additionally, you will be informed that your videos and photos are being recorded via the webcam, which is completely false and illegal. As a matter of fact, the entire lock-down is completely illicit, because it comes out of the blue without previous warnings and admonitions. Hence, you should not even think that Schweizerische Eidgenossenschaft (or the Swiss Confederation) stands behind the system’s blocking, since you should blame cyber criminals only. It is not hard to guarantee you that the entire thing is just a scam, because this method has been used in previous Ukash viruses’ attacks. Such ransomware infections as the Northern Constabulary E-Crime Unit virus or “Access to your computer was denied” virus have also used authentic Ukash and Paysafecard services to collect fictitious fines, which you should not pay.

Please follow the instructions to unlock the computer:

  • Restart the computer.
  • Before Windows boot up – press F8, which will allow you to access Windows Advanced Controls Menu.
  • Select Safe Mode with Networking.

This is only the first step to successful Bundesamt für Polizei virus removal. If you are working with Windows 7, you now need to install and run automatic removal tools or delete the virus manually (before restarting normally). Windows XP users will need to disable Startup programs (enter “msconfig” into Run and open System Configuration Uutility), then restart the computer and deal with vicious infection’s removal. 100% FREE spyware scan and
tested removal of Bundesamt für Polizei virus*


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