BOO/TDss.O Trojan

What is BOO/TDss.O Trojan?

BOO/TDss.O is a dangerous Trojan which typically bypasses the most popular antivirus programs that are not updated and ready to fight this cunning infection off, or sometimes it happens that even if security tools detect the infection, they are not able to remove it. It is not enough to ignore this infection’s presence, because the Trojan severely affects the computer’s performance, and you cannot work on the PC properly. The most popular way to infect a computer with this type of malware is through insecure websites. It is enough to visit a compromised website, or click on its link in a spam email, and the computer is victimized by sly cyber criminals; however, there are more way to catch the infection, so you should also be aware of the danger of browsing the Internet, and especially browsing suspicious websites.

There is no need to say that it is important to remove BOO/TDss.O, because its actions already imply that. The Trojan injects its codes into the Registry to start up when the computer boots up, it also employs a rootkit technique for concealing its components and processes. It can also initiate system crashes and a blue screen, hide your programs’ icons. Most importantly, this sly infection can surreptitiously steal your personal, sensitive information such as banking data and downloads new malware to affect your computer’s performance.

As BOO/TDss.O could do great harm to your computer and commit identity theft, remove it with a reliable spyware removal program. If you antivirus tool has detected this threat, but cannot delete it, or the infection reappears after trying to remove it, use SpyHunter, and the infection will be deleted completely. After launching the program you will find how quickly it detects all of the malicious components of this particular infection or any other pieces of malware that are present in your PC’s system. Our Anti-spyware-101 team is always ready to help you deal with malware; thus, if you have any question, leave it in the comment box.

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