Beware: new kind of ransomware on the loose

A new version of a malicious ransomware infection has been detected. Widely known as Your computer has been locked! Virus, the malicious program runs with the assistance of the malicious Kovter infection. All that schemers need to infiltrate the devious trojan onto the PC is for you to click on a random link, open a corrupted spam email attachment, follow a clandestine advertisement or install a bundled download. After this, the malignant Kovter components can paralyze the entire computer with an unauthorized computer lock-down. Besides from being highly irritating this is also extremely confusing and intimidating because of the attached credentials of authoritative law enforcement departments. Paying attention to the Department of Justice, Homeland Security or FBI logos is unnecessary because they are attached illegally. So how does the ransomware work? How should you delete Your computer has been locked! Virus?Many recent ransomware infections, including Su Licencia Ha Caducado Virus, You have 48 hours to pay the fine Virus or the infamous FBI Virus have attacked thousands of operating Windows systems all over the world. However, all of them have been distributed in a different way. The malicious Your computer has been locked!

Virus manages to inspect your recent browsing History in order to discover what pornographic content websites you have visited not too long ago. For example, if you have visited, this website will be listed under ‘Source or intermediary sites’ section within the screen-locking notification. If none are found – the malicious Trojan displays a random URL related to pornographic content. Here is the full notification:

Your computer has been locked!
Your computer has been locked due to suspicion of illegal content downloading and distribution.
Mentioned illegal content (141 Mb of video files) was automatically classified as child pornographic materials. Such actions, in whole or in part, violate following U.S. Federal Laws:
18 U.S.C. § 2251 – Sexual Exploitation of Children (Production of child pornography)
18 U.S.C. § 2252 – Certain activities relating to material involving the sexual exploitation of minors (Possession, distribution and receipt of child pornography)
18 U.S.C. § 2251A- certain activities relating to material constituting or containing child pornography
Any individual who violated, or attempts to violate, or conspires to violate mentioned laws shall be sentenced to a mandatory term of imprisonment from 4 to 30 years and shall be fines up to $250,000.
Technical details:
Involved IP address: [xxx]
Involved host name: [xxx]
Source of intermediary sites: [http://xxx] […]
In order to resolve the situation in an above-mentioned way you should pay a fine of $300.

The alert is 100% bogus and paying attention to it is unnecessary. If you believe that authentic security departments would lock your PC just to demand a $300 fine payable through MoneyPak – you are completely wrong. If you were charged with the aforementioned crimes, you would be contacted directly, not through an illicit system’s paralysis. MoneyPak itself is an authentic money transfer system; however, it does not require extended identification. This proves that your computer has been locked illegally. Surely enough, if you are involved in distributing or selling child pornography, you could be facing law soon enough, which is why researchers suggest you stop any illegal activities right now.

The removal of Your computer has been locked! Virus and other ransomware infections is not simple. In fact, the task is extremely complicated. Do you know how to unlock the computer? Do you know how to find and delete malignant registry entries, terminate illegal processes or delete dangerous files? Not many Windows users are capable of successful removal, which is why it is recommended that you use automatic malware detection and removal software to delete the infection. Follow the instructions below to learn how to unlock the PC and install authentic security software to delete all running threats.

How to remove ransomware from the PC?

What should you do after the PC is unlocked and all malicious infections are deleted? Needless to say, it is your responsibility to protect the security of your Windows system. Therefore, you should make sure that authentic security software (e.g. SpyHunter) is active and updated at all times. This is the only way to keep your PC shielded against schemers and their malevolent tricks.

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