What is BetterEnhance?

BetterEnhance is a new adware application that is used to promote third party content when you browse online shopping websites. If users are not careful enough, they may accidentally install a lot of applications similar to BetterEnhance on their computers. This application does not pose any direct system threats, but they might get exploited by cyber crooks to promote corrupted content. There if you want to avoid any potential cyber threats, you ought to remove BetterEnhance from the system along with any other applications it might have arrived with. Do not forget that adware programs seldom travel alone.testtest 100% FREE spyware scan and
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Where does BetterEnhance come from?

As far as the origins of BetterEnhance are concerned, we know exactly where it comes from and what to expect of it. This application is part of the ever-growing SuperWeb family of adware applications. All of these programs are very good at pretending to be your regular browser extensions. BetterEnhance always tries to project such an image via However, this website is a shell and it does not even have a direct download link.

Thus, BetterEnhance follows the steps of CrankWeb, Trolatunt, Laflurla and countless others – it gets distributed bundled with freeware via third party websites. It is usually bundled with third party installers. For example, whenever you download a freeware application from a third party website you are forced to make use of the site’s installer. By launching the installer you most probably initiate an automated BetterEnhance installation as well. Thus, the best way to avoid the likes of BetterEnhance is to stay away from third party file hosting web pages.

What does BetterEnhance do?

BetterEnhance is a genuine adware application so it displays pop-up and other types of commercial advertisements. The application is compatible with Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Internet Explorer web browsers. Upon the installation, BetterEnhance adds an extension to your default browser, and the next thing you know, each time you access a supported online shopping website, you are presented with an array of commercial offers. These offers are supposed to help you purchase your favorite goods at an optimal price, but in reality it only exposes you to potentially corrupted content.

What is more, sometimes BetterEnhance can also add an additional toolbar on Google search page, and this toolbar redirects your search queries to Twitter, eBay, Flickr, YouTube and other popular websites. It is obvious that BetterEnhance is highly intrusive and it should not be allowed to remain on your PC.

How to remove BetterEnhance?

This program comes with an uninstaller in Control Panel so you can remove BetterEnhance manually. Since it is always bundled with other apps, you should terminate other unknown programs from your PC as well. To determine which programs are supposed to be removed, scan the PC with SpyHunter free scanner. After manual removal, scan your computer again to ensure that you have all the files and registry entries deleted for good. Invest in a powerful computer security tool if need be.

Manual BetterEnhance Removal

Windows 8

  1. Move mouse cursor to the bottom right of the screen.
  2. Click Settings on Charm bar and then go to Control Panel.
  3. Open Uninstall a program and remove BetterEnhance.

Windows Vista & Windows 7

  1. Open Start menu and click Control Panel.
  2. Go to Uninstall a program and remove BetterEnhance.

Windows XP

  1. Click Start menu button and navigate to Control panel.
  2. Select Add or remove programs and uninstall BetterEnhance. 100% FREE spyware scan and
    tested removal of BetterEnhance*

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