What is Backdoor.Ofnipon.A?

Backdoor.Ofnipon.A is a malicious computer infection classified as backdoor. It means that it lowers your system security level and exposes a number of vulnerabilities that, once exploited, allow other computer threats to enter your system. It means that if you are infected with Backdoor.Ofnipon.A, there is a great chance to get infected with other dangerous malware applications as well. To avoid dire consequences, you need to run regular system scans with SpyHunter free scanner. In case you have malware on your PC, invest in a powerful computer security program and remove Backdoor.Ofnipon.A from your PC automatically.

What does Backdoor.Ofnipon.A do?

Backdoor.Ofnipon.A enters your system surreptitiously and then ads a registry entry that allows it to start automatically whenever you turn on your computer. Then this backdoor kills a variety of security processes and basically “opens” your system for other infections. Another thing is that Backdoor.Ofnipon.A is very good at hiding itself from security products. For example, it can keep track on system processes, and in case you run a built-in system security program, the backdoor automatically terminates it, as to avoid being removed. It can also connect to a remote server at through port 3074 in order to download configuration data and then upload system-related information. It can even take screenshots of your desktop and leak the information to a malicious third party.

How to remove Backdoor.Ofnipon.A?

You have to take care of this infection immediately, because not only can it expose your computer to other threats, it can steal personal information as well, making you vulnerable to a variety of cyber scams. Manual removal is not recommended unless you are an experienced computer user. Manual removal requires you to use Registry Editor, and since this system utility does not have an Undo function, you could end up accidentally removing important system files. Do not hesitate to acquire a powerful computer safeguard application that will remove Backdoor.Ofnipon.A for you automatically and your system will be protected from similar threats.

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