What is Backdoor.Necurs?

Backdoor.Necurs is a malicious computer infection which is also known as Trojan:Win32/Necurs. The clandestine threat can take over your Windows operating system without much notice. Cyber criminals who are responsible for administering the infection can use drive-by download scams to infiltrate the Trojan, and in most cases dangerous files are distributed via compromised websites. As researchers have discovered, the clandestine backdoor may be installed by other dangerous threats, including malware from Beebone and Dorkbot families. What is more, Backdoor.Necurs removal might be aggravated by the clandestine rogue anti-spyware programs which might be downloaded onto your personal computer with the help of the backdoor itself.

How does Backdoor.Necurs run?

It has been discovered that Backdoor.Necurs may enable the installation of Winwebsec family rogues, including Security Cleaner Pro, Sinergia Cleaner, Antivirus Defence, and Attentive Antivirus. In order to enable such malicious activity, the clandestine Trojan may corrupt your personal computer. First of all, the threat may modify Windows Registry in order to ensure that the malignant processes related to the infection are auto-started as soon as the PC is turned on. Furthermore, the clandestine threat can retrieve your external IP address and then send it to a remote host. It has been discovered that Backdoor.Necurs can use the HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) port 80 to connect to such various remote hosts as or

Connection to remote hosts could be used for a variety of different purposes. It could even be used to report the activity of existing Backdoor.Necurs components. If you discover spolsv.exe, syshost.exe, or other unfamiliar files running on the operating system, and you can check the Task Manager to disclose this activity, you certainly should figure out if you do not need to delete Backdoor.Necurs or other malign infections. Aside from the aforementioned activity, these files they can reconfigure some existing security tools to prevent malware detection and removal. What is more, these files could corrupt running processes and help copy the Trojan to a folder found under %Temp%.

How to remove Backdoor.Necurs?

If you have discovered fictitious security tools rushing you to delete malware with supposedly authentic malware removal software, your computer restarts for no reason, and the entire system runs sluggishly, there is a great chance that Backdoor.Necurs exists on the PC. Use a malware scanner to figure out if this application is active on your personal computer and if other malicious threats are active as well. The manual Backdoor.Necurs removal is extremely complicated because some its components could have rootkit features. As mentioned before, some security tools could be incapable of detecting and removing the clandestine Trojan as well. Therefore, we recommend installing SpyHunter, a reliable malware remover which will make sure that all threats, including fake AV, are deleted from your PC.

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