Australian Federal Police Virus

What is Australian Federal Police Virus?

Ransomware infections keep attacking innocent computer users and locking their systems with demands of fictitious fine payments. Australian Federal Police Virus is exactly that kind of infection, and if you are already facing its obnoxious ransom warning it means that you have not been precautious enough with your personal computer’s protection. Such malicious infections as this one usually get infiltrated into a PC by other dangerous applications, like the treacherous Reveton Trojan, which could use any security crack for successful entrance. Of course, you can be very careful with email attachments you open or software you download, but if your Windows are not guarded by strong antimalware tools that could detect and delete any existing threat, at one point or another you are bound to face the danger of a seriously malicious program. For now, all you need to worry about is Australian Federal Police Virus removal; however, to secure your system against other latent malware, you should implement strong security tools to assist you in the future. 100% FREE spyware scan and
tested removal of Australian Federal Police Virus*

If your system is not yet infected by the devious Australian Federal Police Virus, there are plenty of other malicious ransomware programs that you need to be careful of, including FBI Moneypak, Ukash Virus, or Police Central e-Crime Unit. Malicious ransomware infections have been detected all over Europe and North America, so if you live in these regions, you should be extremely careful of possible system’s lockdown, which could present misleading accusations of distributing pornography, downloading illegal files/software or initiating mass spam email attacks.test

Despite mimicked credentials, which will be attached to the fake alert, there is no need to doubt that the notification is fictitious, especially if stated crimes do not represent your virtual activity. On the other hand, if you illegally distribute or use copyrighted material, you could be approached and punished by law enforcement agencies, so we recommend dropping any illegal activity that you are involved with. Despite this possibility, you should pay no attention to the simulated fines and delete Australian Federal Police Virus from your personal system at once.

Even though it could seem that there is no way to remove Australian Federal Police Virus and that you need to reinstall your computer, we recommend suspending such drastic measures at least until you try out the instructions below. This straightforward guide will not delete the virus; however, it will definitely help you to proceed either manually or automatically. If you are truly inexperienced with malware removal, you should follow the guide as follows, but if you are ready to delete the infection manually, ignore steps 5 and 7. Nonetheless, even if this is your choice, we strongly recommend employing automatic removal tools.

1. Restart your computer and keep hitting F8.
2. From the appeared menu select Safe Mode with Networking.
3. Go to the Run (from Start Menu) and enter “msconfig”.
4. Locate Startup and then choose to Disable All.
5. Launch the browser and download ransomware removal software our advice is to download Anti-spyware Spyhunter .
6. Restart your system normally.
7. Install downloaded software and have the PC cleaned immediately.

  1. Recently, around mid 2013, they have disabled starting the computer in safe mode and if you can get it to actually start up, as soon as the desktop appears the computer will begin to shut down again. This only leaves the user with the option of booting to CD/DVD. I have had success with Kaspersky's rescue disk.

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