Attentive Antivirus

What is Attentive Antivirus?

Attentive Antivirus is a fictitious antispyware tool which allegedly can help you protect the operating Windows system and remove malicious computer infections. At first sight, this fake AV looks like a tremendously helpful and beneficial tool; however, sooner or later you will recognize that it is fictitious. The rogue has been developed by schemers who also stand behind such Rogue.WinWebSec infections as System Care Antivirus, Disk Antivirus Professional and AVASoft Antivirus Professional. Note that all of these infections require immediate removal because they are fictitious and have been created to trick you into giving up your own money. If you do not want to be fooled by schemers and you have no idea how to remove Attentive Antivirus – continue reading the report.test

How does Attentive Antivirus act?

The malicious rogues from the WinWebSec family have been noticed to enter the system using fake online scanners; however, there is a great chance that cyber criminals could employ various other security backdoors. Therefore, if you wish to prevent the infection from accessing the PC, it is exceptionally important that you safeguard the system with authentic, up-to-date security software. Of course, if it is too late and the threat has already attacked, your primary issue right now is Attentive Antivirus removal.

As soon as the rogue is activated and begins scanning your personal computer, you are introduced to the misleading rogue. Such attributes as General, Scan PC, Quarantine, Updates, Log, Configuration or Help are completely fictional, and you should not think that they could help you control Windows security. The system scan is equally as bogus, and you need to ignore such listed threats as Win32/Pramro.F and Win32/Nitol.A. Once the scan is complete, you are urged to remove these allegedly discovered threats. Please see an example of the bogus notification:

Recommendation: You are using a limited version of Attentive Antivirus. Please activate Attentive Antivirus to resist all virus threats efficiently.

This is meant to trick you into purchasing the full version of the rogue; however, this is not something you want to do. If you make the payment, schemers will receive your money and billing information (e.g. home address, credit card number). Even if you have already wasted your money on the bogus tool, you still need to delete the infection. According to researchers, it is extremely difficult to delete Attentive Antivirus because the threat can block access to the Internet, disable the running of most executables and remove access to such Windows utilities as Registry Editor and Task Manager:

For your security and to avoid loss of data, the operation of the application taskmgr.exe has been temporarily restricted. To restore the application’s full operation, you must use the full edition of Attentive Antivirus.

Automatic Attentive Antivirus Removal

It is recommended that you remove the rogue antispyware using automatic spyware detection and removal software. We recommend utilizing SpyHunter for this task because this tool can remove all existing infections and can ensure that the PC is no longer vulnerable to schemers and their clandestine threats. Please follow the instructions to install a reliable, automatic spyware remover onto the infected system.

  1. Apply a special registration code (AA39754E-715219CE or AF03E-A1B69411-5E496BEE-92A70D00-1AD697F6) to disable existing symptoms.
  2. Launch a browser and visit .
  3. Download the automatic spyware removal tool onto the PC.
  4. If you run Windows XP/Vista/7 click Start, select Control Panel and then click Folder Options. If you operate Windows 8 – right-click on the Metro UI start screen, select All apps, open Control Panel and type Folder Options into the search box. Open the utility.
  5. Click the View tab, mark Hide Extensions for known file types and click OK.
  6. Now locate the installation file of the downloaded application and right-click it.
  7. Click Rename and change the name to explorer.exe.
  8. Double-click the file to start the installation process.
  9. Use the application to scan the computer and delete running infections. 100% FREE spyware scan and
    tested removal of Attentive Antivirus*

Manual Attentive Antivirus Removal

If you are experienced and you know how to perform the manual removal – follow the instructions presented below. Note that if you do any mistakes, the infection could remain running. Moreover, your system could become even more vulnerable. If you do not want to risk the integrity of the system – employ automatic spyware removal tools.

  1. Tap Ctrl+Alt+Delete to open the Task Manager and kill these processes:
  2. Enter regedit into Run/Search and tap Enter to open the Registry Editor and remove these entries:
  3. Locate and delete these malignant files:

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